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Huggin Oak Church of God

Photograph Copyright ©2004 Yvonne Deloach, all rights reserved.

Huggin Oak Church of God was started in the early 1900's in an old one room schoolhouse on what is now Henderson Hwy. The schoolhouse was used on Wed. nights and Sundays. William Henry Cook was the first pastor. The Pentecostals captured the attention of Henry as this religion bacame popular. Founded in 1886 in Cleveland, Tennessee, the Church of God took hold especially in the rural communities of the South. The area of the scoolhouse was called McNeil's near Indian Camp Branch in the Cummings area. Soon a church was build on what is called Schaffer Corner Road in Cummings about 2 miles from schoolhouse. It was down a long dirt road, It was a one room wood church with cement cylinders to hold the foundation. Later Sunday School rooms were built onto the back of the church, made of cinder blocks, and a bathroom added. Dinners were held outside under big trees with wooden tables that were built for the occassion. No air conditioners, and for the winter 2 gas heaters that sat on either side of the room for heat. Later in the 1970's a block building was built on the main Highway in Cummings, it was a simple design, but with the area more accessible.

Photograph Copyright ©2004 Yvonne Deloach, all rights reserved.

Later in the 90's a new church was build onto the old one and bricked in. Coincendentally the man who drew the plans for the church and supervised the building of this church was Thomas W. Crapse, Jr. a Cook descendant of the same Henry Cook that started the first Huggin Oak Church of God. It is located in the city limits of the small town of Cummings. It has seen many ministers and members over the years.

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