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Lebanon Methodist Church - Scotia - Hampton County

Lebanon Methodist Church

1834- 1953

Lebanon Methodist Church is located in the little town of Scotia, Hampton Co., SC.  It is located down a long winding dirt road, in a setting of pines and oaks, in a peaceful  location. Twenty-three acres were given by David DeLoach for the plurpose of building a church and burial grounds. It was organized and built in 1834. The building was put together with sills hewed by hand pegged together with wooden pegs. The rafters were put together the same way , the floor and ceilings planed by hand. The columns outside were hewes by Goethe slaves and given to the church by J.J. Goethe.   The building which now stand is the original with very few changes and repairs. Today it boasts of an outside toilet and the hand pump is still out back of the church. During the past year or so, teenagers have vandalized the windows of the church which were the original panes of glass and could not be put back in as the same panes which was very heavy on the hearts of the people who love this church. The doors have been busted in also. Although there is nothing of value inside the church except the value it holds in the ancestors of the first church members.

The burial grounds are located around the church, white burial ground are from the left to right and back of church. The free negroes are buried to the left of the church. Descendants of these Black people are still buried near this plot.

During the early years, the church had both white and black members. The land in front of the church was given by Bill Russell (a free black) for parking space. Across from the church use to boast hand made tables under the Oak trees for picnics and homecomings.

The church almost closed its doors around 1912. but up until this date, there is a homecoming dinner and service in April.  

I attended my first service there a couple of years ago, although I can remember going to my grandmothers funeral services there when I was very small. But as I and my family members sat on the old wooden pews, I felt a very warm and humble peace in my heart, that brought tears to my eyes as I listended to the old organ music rafting through the air and I thought of my ancestors sitting in the same spot listening to the same old gospel song. It was an unique experience for me.

Carrol (Crapse)** DeLoach

Crapse attended this church and are buried there as well. One of the Crapse being a Civil War Veteran.

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My name is Arthur Gray,  I am a descendant of the family that gave this land for the parking lot and as I was told the church, also. I am aware of the vandalism that took place at the church but it also took place on the free negroe burial side. as well. My great great grandmother, Florence Russell was dug up and placed on top of her grave. The tombstones of Mary and William Russell were shot up along with the sign designating the graveyard as their descendents. The sigh has been since removed........ It should be replaced.

We as a family just had our family reunion all this week and most of them were not knowledgeable of the existence of Lebanon Methodist Church. Most of the younger family members grew up with the knowledge of the Church that was buillt for the post descendants that is located across the highway by the name of Good Hope Baptist Church.

If you have any knowledge of any of these descendants it would be greatly appreciated if you could share this information with me. I am concerned about the history of William and Mary Russell. Some of the other members of the family names are:

Rasome Beckett married to Celia Orr

Ulish Orr married to Sallie Garnet

Julius Bing married to Artie Beckett

Basically, the last names are Russell, Orr, Garnet, Joyner, Beckett, Bing.   I am knowledgeable of some of the Caucasian members of the Church, as well.   Some of the names are the Causeys, Peoples, Davis, Smiths, Deloachs.   As a kid I worked in some of their fields, shopped at their stores, visited their jail, and interacted on their farms. Just to reinterate, I visit the jail, never locked down.

Thank you for any information you care share.  Arthur Gray.   My father is from Lena Grays

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