Hampton County, South Carolina Cemeteries

CSA Soldiers of Hampton County

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Adams. Christopher C. Private - 2nd Regment, Co. C.

Adams, Lamb B. Private - 11th Sc Reginment Co. K. (wounded in VA, arm amputated)

Altman, Abram B. Private - 11th Infantry Regiment Co. D.

Altman, Isaac Private - Kirk's Squadron, Co. A.

Anderson, Ephriam Private - 3rd SC Calvary, Co. H

Anderson, Robert H. Private - 11th Sc Infantry Co. F

Bowers Abram E. Captain - 24th Regiment Co. D. (Killed at Nashville, TN)

Breland, Josiah Private - 24th Regiment (Captured and died in the enemy's hand)

Cook, Abraham M..Private - 11th Regiment Co. E

Cook Alfred C. Private - Kirk's Squadron Co. A

Cook, Andrew Jackson Private - 11th Reginment Co. E ( wounded and suffered lasting paralysis. POW at Elmira, NY)

Cook, Barnabas "Berry" Private - Manigault's Artillary Battalion, Co. D. (wounded, captured and died in Va on Jan 15, 1865)

Cook, Constantine Third Sergeant - 11th Reginment, Co. D

Cook, Elias Asberry Private - 11th SC Infantry Co. K

Cook, Francis Asberry "Berry" Private - 11th Sc Infantry, Co. F ( wounded in Va., rejoined unit and captured at Fort Fischer, NC POW at Point Lookout, MD)

Cook, Hansford Private - Kirk's Squadron Co. H.

Cook, James Middleton Private - 11th Regiment Co F (died of disease at Confederate Hospital in Hardeeville, SC)

Cook, John Private - 11th Regiment Co. F ( died of disease in Hopsital)

Cook, McKenzie Private - 11th Regiment Co. D (died of disease at Confederate Hospital in McPhersonville, SC)

Cook, Reddin Private - 24th Regiment (surrendered and paroled at Greensboro, NC

Cook, Stephen Elliott Private - 11th SC Infantry, Co F

Cook, Washington Fourth Sergeant - 11th Regiment Co. D (killed at Swift Creek, VA)

Cook, William Martin Private - Kirks Squadron, Co. A Cavalry Assigned to detached duty as courier

Corbin, Edward Private - 11th Infantry Co. D. (Captured at Fort Fischer, NC on Jan. 15, 1865, and died as POW at Elmira, NY.)

Craps, H. F. Private - 11th REgiment Co. E

Crapse, Henry T. Private - 11th Regiment Sc Infantry 9th volunteers Co. E

Crapse H. T. Private - 11th Regiment SC Infantry 9th Volunteers Co. E

Crapse, J. J. Private - 11th Regiment Sc Infantry Co. E 9th Volulnteers

Crapse James J. Private - 11th Regiment Co. E Sc Infantry 9th Volunteers)

Crapse, Micheal D. Private - 3rd REgiment SC Calvary Co. E.also known as 2nd REgiment SC Calvary Capt. A. M. Martin's Co. Mounted Men SC Volunteers( taken prisoner at Florence, SC held at New Berne, NC Captured March 5, 1865 released June 26, 1865 at Point Lookout MD)

Crews, J.J. Washington Private - 11th SC REgiment

Crosby, Daniel Private - 11th Infantry Co. F (wounded and captured at Swift Creek, VA died in the enemys hands at Fortress Monroe on May 25, 1864)

Crosby, David Private - 11th Regiment Co. F (killed in battle at Swift Creek, Va on May 9, 1864)

Crosby, Emmanual Private - 11th Infantry Regiment, Co. F.

Crosby, George S. Private - 11th REgiment Co. F.

Crosby, Richard Private - 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Co. A

Crosby, Stephen Elliott Private - 11th Regiment Co. F

**DeLoach, Abram Private - 11th Calvary Co. E.

**CSA Army records show rank as Private, tombstone inscription of Captain refers to Red Shirt Co.

DeLoach, Charles Private - 24th Regiment Co. D

DeLoach, Jacob C. Private - 11th SC Regiment Co. I

Deloach, Jessie Private - 24th Regiment Co. D

Faust, James P. Private - Kirk's Squadron, Co..H

Fennell, Arthur Private - 11th Regiment, Co. F (died from disease in hospital at James Island, Sc on Feb. 19, 1864)

Fennell George Michael Private - 11th Regiment Co. D

Fennell, James Seth Private - 3rd Sc Calvary Co. D. (wounded in 1864)

Fennell, John N. Private - Kirk's Squadron, Cavalry, Co. A

Fennell, Washington Private, 3rd Cavalry Regiment Co. D

Fennell, William A. Private - 11th Infantry Regiment Co. D

Fennell, William H. Private - 11th Regiment,,Co.. F (MIA at Swift Creek, VA.)

Freeman, David Thomas Jr. Private - 3rd SC Calvary, Co. C

Freeman, James E. Private - 11th Infantry Co. E. (killed on picket duty at Petersburg, VA on June 18, 1894)

Freeman, John N. Private - 24th Regiment Co. D

Gatch, John David Private - 2nd SC Regiment, Cavalry

Gooding, John Jacob Major - 11th Infantry REgiment, Co. D

Gooding Perry Private - 11th Regiment Co. F (Wounded on the Weldon Rairoad at Swift Creek, Va and died in the emeny's hands on May 16, 1864)

Gooding, Thomas Private - 11th Regiment Co. F

Harriott, John Private - 5th SC Cavalry, Co. B

Harrison, John H. Major - 11th Regiment (Killed at the Battle of Pocotaligo on Oct. 22, 1862

Horton, Benjamin F. Private - there are 2 military records existing for the Conferates named Benjamin F. Horton, One in the 3rd Sc Calvary, Co. C and Co. f of the 11th REgiment, the latter fell victim to disease

Horton Joseph Private - 11th SC Regiment Co. F (Killed at Swift Creek, VA)

Horton, Moses Private - Kirk's Squadron, Co. A

Horton, R. Franklin Private - 11th Regiment Co. E

Horton, Redden S. Private - Kirk's Squadron, Co. A

Hughey, William R. Private, 24th Regiment, Co. D. (surrendered and paroled at Greensboro, NC)

Hull, Samuel Edward Private - 11th Regiment, Co. F (Captured in Va., Died while POW at Elmira, NY Yankee Prison body never came home to SC)

Johnson, Frizzell D. Private - 3rd Calvary Regiment, Co. F

Jones, John Sergeant - 47th GA Infantry Regiiment )died June 5 1862)

Keel, C. Wise S. Private - McCreary's Co. A, Sc Infantry (Captured at Petersburg, Va and imprisoned at Elmira, NY_

Mixson, James R. Private - 11th Sc Regiment Co. I

Mixson, John A. Sergeant - 11th Infantry Regiment, Co. F (died of typhoid at Petersburg, Va on June 15, 1864)

Mixson,, Miles R. Corporal - 3rd Sc Calvary

Nettles, Charles E. Private - 3rd Regiment, Co. E

Nettles, Henry Private - 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Co. A

Nettles, James Cuthbert Private - 11th Regiment Co. K

Nettles, Jessie M. Private - 3rd SC Regiment, Co. E

Nettles, Mark E. - First Butler GA Infantry

Nettles, Jr. William D. Private - 11th Sc REgiment Co K (Wounded and leg amputated. Died Sept. 14, 1864)

Nettles, III William D. - 11th SC Regiment Co K. Killed in va. on Feb. 6, 1863)

Prince, Joseph Edward Private - 3rd SC Cavalry

Richardson, Albert Rhett Sergeant - 5th Sc Regiment Co. B (killed in the Battle of Lynch's Creek on Feb. 26, 1865)

Richardson, Samuel G. Private - 11th sc Regiment

Stanley, Dempsey Private - 5th Cavalry Regiment Co. B, Whippy

Swamp Guards

**Stanley James Alexander Private - Kirk's Squadron Co. B

(surrendered at Durham Staion, NC on April 26, 1865. Visitors to the Sandy Run Cemetary in 1990 were shocked to find Grand

Army of the Republic on this tombstone. It is distressing to know that the mortal remains of an honorable Confederat soldier rest beneath the insignia of his enemy.

Stanley, John Joseph Private - 11th Sc Infantry, Co. D. (wounded at Petersburg, arm amputated at Confederate Hospital Farmville, VA.

Stanlley, Joseph Private - 11th Sc Infantry Regiment

Strickland, Elmore Private - 11th Regiment Co. D (killed May 16, 1864 at Swift Creek, Va.)

Thomas, James Private - 11th Sc Infantry Co. F

Thomas James Corporal - 11th Sc REgiment Co. D (captured and imprisoned at Point Lookout, MD)

Thomas, Phillip Sergeant - 24th Regiment Co. D

Thomas, Redding Private - 11th Regiment Co. D

Thomas, Thomas Private - 11th Sc Regiment Co. D

Thomas, Vincent James Private - 11th Regiment Co. D

Thomas, W. J. Sergeant - SC Cavalry, Co. B

Thomas, William Private 24th Regiment Co. D (killed in the Battles of Atlanta)

Tucker, Thomas Henderson Private - 47th GA Infantry. Co. F

(wounded at Richmand in Dec. 1865 discharged due to injuries but re-enlisted with the 59th GA Infantry, Co. D. wounded at Spotsylvania Court House, rejoined unit and paroled at Appomattox Court House, Va.)

Tuten, Laudowick Ashley Private - 11th Sc Regiment

Williaims, Benjamin S. Brevat Major - 47th REgiment GA Volunteers Captain in the Red Shirt Co. of 1876

Youmans, Robert Mitchell Corporal - 11th SC Regiment Co. F.

*****A note for anyone with a relative that fought in the Civil War and there is not a Conferderate Cross on their grave, please

contact the Daughters of the Confederacy and they will get you a cross ordered, they charge about $60.00 and hold a service for you at the graveside. Chapters that I know of in in Beaufort, Bamberg, Charleston, Aiken, North Augusta, Columbia.

If you think you have a ancestor that was in the Civil War you can research it at www.confederate.net

It is a most helpful link in finding out about your ancestors, or contact the SC Archives in Cola., SC or National Archives in Washington, DC

Yvonne C. DeLoach

Special thanks to Mim and Joe Bryan for taking and submitting these.

Photograph Copyright © 2000 Joe and Mim Bryan, Allendale.

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