by William Gilmore Simms [American (South Carolinian) Writer. 1806-1870.]

Author of "Yemassee", "History of South Carolina", etc.

"The British soldier trembles When Marion's name is told." -- Bryant.
Chapter 1. Introduction -- The Huguenots in South Carolina.
Chapter 2. The Marion Family -- Birth of Francis Marion -- His Youth -- Shipwreck.
Chapter 3.  Marion a Farmer -- Volunteers in the Cherokee Campaign.
Chapter 4. Cherokee War continues -- Marion leads the Forlorn Hope at the Battle of Etchoee.
Chapter 5. Marion returned for Provincial Congress from St. John's, Berkeley -- Captain. Fort Johnson. Fort Moultrie.
Chapter 6. From the Battle of Fort Moultrie to that of Savannah -- Anecdote of Jasper -- His Death.
Chapter 7. From the Battle of Savannah to the Defeat of Gates at Camden.
Chapter 8. Organization of "Marion's Brigade" -- Surprise of Tories under Gainey. Barfield. Nelson's Ferry.
Chapter 9. Marion retreats. Black Mingo. Tarcote. Tarleton.
Chapter 10. Marion attempts Georgetown. Gabriel Marion taken by the Tories and murdered.  Snow's Island.
Chapter 11. The Character of Marion's Warfare. Sweet Potatoe feast.  Mutiny.
Chapter 12. General Greene assumes Command. Georgetown.
Chapter 13. Watson and Doyle pursue Marion.
Chapter 14. Marion renews his Pursuit of Doyle, joined by Col. Lee.
Chapter 15. Correspondence of Marion and Greene. Marion takes Georgetown. Battle of Quinby Bridge.
Chapter 16. Marion Rescues Col. Harden. Joins the main Army under Greene -- Battle of Eutaw.
Chapter 17. Retreat of the British from Eutaw -- Pursuit of them by Marion and Lee -- Close of the Year.
Chapter 18. Marion and Greene.  St. Thomas.  The Assembly. Conspiracy in the Camp of Greene.
Chapter 19. Marion summoned to Greene.  Loyalists on the Pedee. Georgetown.
Chapter 20. The British propose Terms. The British evacuate Charleston .
Chapter 21. Marion retires to his Farm.  To the Senate from St. John. Marriage. Death.
Appendix A. Notes on the Electronic Text.
Appendix B. Song of Marion's Men. By William Cullen Bryant [1794-1878].
References used by Sims

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