Dr. Clark,  After sending you that last e-mail I discovered that the Simms Book had some errors in it. The immigrant was Benjamin Marion not Gabriel Marion, Sr.  I am attaching another document showing those corrections.  One of Benjamin Marion’s daughters, Judith, married Patrick Grier and lived on the Waccamaw River above Kingston (Conway.  She was Francis Marion’s aunt.  Prof. Ben Burroughs

The Life of Francis Marion

by W. Gilmore Simms


Chapter 2.

The Marion Family.

Topics Covered:

The Marion Family -- Birth of Francis Marion -- His Youth -- Shipwreck.

...The memoir upon which we are about to enter, will, we apprehend, justify the preliminary chapter which has been given to the history of the Huguenots upon the Santee. Gabriel Marion [This should be Benjamin Marion], the grandfather of our subject, was one of those who left France in 1685. His son, named after himself [this is incorrect for the son being referred to was named Gabriel Marion], married Charlotte Cordes, by whom he had seven children, five of whom were sons and two daughters.* Francis Marion was the last. He was born at Winyah, near Georgetown, South Carolina, in 1732; a remarkable year, as, in a sister colony (we are not able to say how nearly at the same time), it gave birth to GEORGE WASHINGTON. This coincidence, which otherwise it might seem impertinent to notice here, derives some importance from the fact that it does not stand alone, but is rendered impressive by others, to be shown as we proceed; not to speak of the striking moral resemblances, which it will be no disparagement to the fame of the great Virginian to trace between the two.

-- * Weems speaks of six children only, naming all the sons and one of the daughters. Of her, he frankly says, "I have never heard what became; but for his four brothers, I am happy to state, that though not formidable as soldiers, they were very amiable as citizens." James tells us of two daughters, not naming either, but describing them as "grandmothers of the families of the Mitchells, of Georgetown, and of the Dwights, formerly of the same place, but now of St. Stephen's parish." Such particularity might be presumed to settle the question. -- .....

Chapter 5.

Marion Is Returned for the Provincial Congress from St. John's, Berkeley.

Topics Covered:

Marion is returned for the Provincial Congress from St. John's, Berkeley -- Made Captain in the Second Regiment -- Fort Johnson taken -- Battle of Fort Moultrie. 1775.

...A letter from ISAAC MARION, one of the brothers of our subject [Francis Marion], who dwelt at Little River, the Northern boundary of the province, is worthy of quotation, as serving to show that he was animated with the same public spirit that possessed his more distinguished kinsman. It was written to accompany the express, which brought the news of the battle of Lexington. A letter to him, from R. Howe, of N.C., forwarding the express, remarking, "I know you stand in no need of being prompted when your country requires your service" -- would seem to show that he too had shared in the reputation of his brother. The following is the letter of Isaac Marion, addressed to the Committee of Safety of Little River.

Boundary, May 9, 1775, Little River.

Gentlemen of the Committee; -- I have just now received an express, from the Committee of the Northern Provinces, desiring I would forward the enclosed packet to the Southern Committees. As yours is the nearest, I request FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR COUNTRY, AND THE WELFARE OF OUR LIVES, LIBERTIES, AND FORTUNES, you'll not lose a moment's time, but dispatch the same to the Committee of Georgetown, to be forwarded to Charleston. In meantime, am, gentlemen, Your obliged humble servant, &c. Isaac Marion. To Danness, Hawkins and others.


Chapter 21.

Marion Retires to His Farm, Which He Finds in Ruins.

Topics Covered:

Marion retires to his Farm, which he finds in Ruins -- Is returned to the Senate from St. John -- His Course on the Confiscation Act -- Anecdotes -- Is made Commandant at Fort Johnson -- His Marriage -- A Member of the State Convention in 1794 -- Withdraws from Public Life -- His Death.

The marriage of Marion, like that of Washington, was without fruits. This may have baffled some hopes, and in some degree qualified his happiness, but did not impair his virtues. He adopted the son of a relative, to whom he gave his own name, in the hope of perpetuating it in the family, but even this desire has been defeated, since the heir thus chosen, though blessed with numerous children, was never so fortunate as to own a son.

[See attached article about Francis Marion Dwight]

Benjamin Marion was the name of the immigrant grandfather of Francis Marion according to Prof. Ben Burroughs, Research Specialist, Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, S.C.

Benjamin Gabriel Marion, Sr. French Huguenot (Protestant) resided near Rochelle, France, married Louisa D'Aubrey.  Forced to immigrate to north America c1682.  Left via the Isle de Rhee, France.  Resided on Goose Creek, near Charleston.  Two children known to me (this is from Weems, who stated Gabriel, Sr. in error).

  1. Gabriel Marion, Jr. father of Francis Marion, married (Charlotte) Esther Cordes (corrected by Sherrie Zabinski), by whom he had seven children, five of whom were sons and two daughters. died c1756.  5 sons 2 daughters
    1. Esther Marion, married John Allston first, and Thomas Mitchell second, and had children by both (according to Bob Simons  -The Marion Family is summarized on pp 148-9 of Thomas Grange Simons, His Forbears and Relations (pub. 1954), which refers to Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 22 (1916) pp 37-58 for detail.), while Judy Canant found a statement that she married a Herring: Notable Southern Families, Vol IV, Valentine Sevier, III, p 38: Narcissa SEVIER, dau of Devil Jack SEVIER and Susannah Conway SEVIER, was a twin to Nancy SEVIER. they were born in Greene County, TN, October 30, 1810. Narcissa SEVIER married William J HARDING, whose mother was Esther Marian HERRING, a sister of General Francis MARION (thanks to Judy Canant for finding this one!).  I have seen no documentation on any of these.
    2. Daughter Gabriel Marion, Sr. had a daughter that married Patrick Grier and lived just outside of Kingston (Conway), on the Waccamaw River.  Suppllied by and thanks to Ben Burroughs
    3. Gabriel Marion resided at Belle Isle
      1. Gabriel Marion, a nephew of the general (and I do not know to which brother he belongs, could also be Isaac, Benjamin, or Job.  The record only states he was a nephew.), had his horse shot under him, and fell into the hands of the Tories in 1780. As soon as he was recognized he was put to death (see chapter 10 of Simms).
    4. Isaac Marion, resided at Little River, the Northern boundary of South Carolina.
    5. Benjamin Marion.
    6. Job Marion
    7. Francis Marion born 1732, was the last. He was born at Winyah, near Georgetown, South Carolina.  Married his childhood sweetheart, Mary Videau, after the revolutionary war.  No children.Genearl Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox"
  2. Peter Marion

Cordes information: Of the seven children born to the Cordes, three were daughters, Magdalen, Ann (Marion's wife, Mary's mother) and Esther his mother.  (supplied by Sherrie Zabinski)

Benjamin Marion born before c1685 (from Berkeley Co. page) married Mary, and Judith Balluet.  Benjamin Marion 100 acres Berkeley County  14 March 1706 (Transactions of the Huguenot Society of SC, NO. 87, Published 1982, Page 82).  He looks of an age to be a son of Gabriel Marion, Sr., but I do not have any documentation or suggestions on this issue. 
SC GenWeb Archives:
MARION , Benjamin 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed
MARION , Benjamin 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed
MARION , Benjamin 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed

"Known" children (no documentation, of which I am aware.):

  1. Esther Marion born c1690 married Henry Gignilliat
  2. Gabriel Marion born 1693, married 1714, died 1747.  Married Esther Cordes.
  3. Benjamin Marion

A Kent family connection to the Marion family.  (off site, use your back arrow to return)

1790 Census for Berkeley County:
Benjamin Marion
Ann Marion
Ellizabeth Marion
Francis Marion

S524 SHINGLETON, REBECCA married M650 MARION, JAMES Mar 03 1743

These two are off site:

Here is a family genealogy and Marion University's information.

(off site, not related to this site) (supplied by Sherrie Zabinski)

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