BLACKWOOD My ggrandparent James Blackwood was said to be one of the men who fought at Cowpens. He was a SC farmer who's ggrandson Ibra Charles Blackwood became governor of SC. I have been unable to get a list of men who fought at Kings mtn and Cowpens. I do have a letter from the Governor written in the 1930's mentioning that James Blackwood fought at Cowpens and was wounded by a bayonet. I would greatly appreciate any help. 19 Nov. 2000 P. Blackwood


Don't really do e-mail but am very interested in ANY data on Lieut. John Bush. Served 2nd SC Continental Regiment. Died 10/9/1779 at Siege of Savannah. NEED to know parents, spouses, offspring. Were spouses (1) _____ Houser, (2) Martha Phillips (3) Mary Elliott Miles???? Please contact via fax regarding where to look or who may know!!! Am descendant of Dr. John Houser Bush. Believed to be s/o Lieut. John Bush. Need to confirm!!!! Please help.  31 Oct. 2000 fax 610 975 0962
DAVIS I am interested in finding out where I can find out more about a James Davis who may have been a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War. He, Philip Davis, and John and James Adams are on Col. Brandon's List. In 1790 and before (1784), my James Davis was living on the Oolenoy River next door to John Adams. A John Davis was living on Shoal Creek also in Pendleton. We think our James Davis was b. 1741 or so, and wonder if he could have been captured during the Snow Campaign with John Davis. I noticed a List of Capt. John Martin's Company. Do you know who this John Martin was? Other family connections who were Loyalists was George Shelnut. I believe he was married to a Caty LNU, and their son Andrew Shellnut of Abbeville m. Elizabeth Gentry. They went to GA to Franklin Co. and later Fayette Co. Elizabeth is somehow related to David Gentry who married into the Cherokees.   I am interested in John Martin, because two of James Davis's sons married Martin girls. Rachel Martin was the Cherokee mixed daughter of John "Jack" Martin, and Rebeckah Martin was the Cherokee mixed daughter of Wm. Martin, of Tommassee Creek. My understanding from Don Shadburn is that John "Jack" Martin and Wm. Martin of Tommassee Creek were brothers of Gen. Joseph Martin. This information is new and not generally known.   I hope you can give me some pointers on finding out about James Davis. 27 March 2007 Sandy Otos

Eutaw Scouts

I seek information on the "Eutaw Scouts."  My ancestor, John Carter, from Edgefield Co., SC, was in the Eutaw Scouts under Col. Leroy Hammonds during the Rev. War. 19 Jan. 2001 Clarence Bearden Jr.


My genealogy goes as far back as James Hardie, who is reported by family history to have been killed in 1781 at Hay’s Defeat in South Carolina, also known as Hayes Incident or Hayes Station Massacre in Laurens Co SC. There is a marker for this incident which has the names of 14 men killed by Bloody Bill Cunningham. Included is a Lt. Christopher Hardy.  Does anyone have information on James Hardie? 15 April 2002. Frank Hardie


Looking for information on any Jeffers during the period of 1740-1780. Also information on Allen, Berry, Osborne who served in Revolunary War. 18 Feb. 2001 D. Jeffers Stevens
JENKINS Searching for John Jenkins who was born around 1750 and served from Fairfield county S.C. in the American Rev. in 1776 and 1778 under Capt. Samuel Boydkin. He married a lady named Sarah, whp had a sister named Elizabeth Gladden. Do not know their maiden names. John and Sarah had a son named Jesse Jenkins. John and Sarah were married in 1777 in Fairfield County S.C. and he died in July, 1830. At the time of his death he was living in Cleveland, N.C. but he served during the War from Fairfield, S.C. I am trying to find the maiden name of his wife. He did have a Pension and I found it in the Archives, but I would like to find a Questionnaire or some record of his wife's maiden name. I know that Sarah's sister was married to William Gladden and that she was the grandmother of General Addley Hogan Gladden from S.C. and that she lived to be 108 years old. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  March 2007 Annelle Gladden Womack


I am searching for info on John Kelly, Frost Kelly, Hampton H Kelly. John's will was probated 1851 in Fairfield County, SC. Hampton is mentioned here as being 51 years old. John in mentioned as having fought in the Revolutionary War. 16 Oct. 2000 Todd Migatz


Family tradition and letters have stated that my ancestor Harmon Daniel King came to South Carolina, Charleston, with Gen. Lafayette from France to assist the Colonies in the Revolution. 8 August 2001 P. C. Rogers, Ph.D.


I am researching the relocation of loyalist families (specifically lowcountry planters) to the Bahamas. I have read accounts of the British government providing ships for loyalist to move all their belongings, including slaves and livestock, to the Bahamas. I've also read that some of their plantation houses were disassembled and shipped to the Bahamas with them. I've not located any real historical documentation to support this. I would appreciate some advice as to where I could further this research and put some names and places with the stories. 30 Dec. 00 Steve Borgianini
PERKINS I recently found that I descend from George Perkins, Revolutionary War patriot, and son of Joshua Perkins. Upon reading the Perkins vs. White case of 1858, where Jacob F. Perkins, the great-grandson of Joshua Perkins sued Mr. White for slander; there was mention of Joshua "Old Joc(k)" Perkins running a ferry and having race horses in SC, along the Peedee River.

In the piece about Cheraw Indians of Florida, it's listed that Thomas Sweat was taxed in the household of Ann Perkins. Do you know how she fits into the Perkins line? Also listed; Robert Sweat was granted land near the Little Peedee River that was adjacent to Joshua Perkins. Would you happen to know if this would be my Joshua Perkins? And finally, is the Joshua Perkins who gave testimony in the Gilbert Sweat Case the same Joshua Perkins who I just mentioned had land adjacent to Robert Sweats' granted land?   I have not found where any of my Perkins family went to Florida or Louisiana. After the Revolution, George Perkins went to Kentucky, and later, along with his wife Keziah, went with their daughter Anna (Perkins) Graves to Lee Co., Iowa after the death of Anna's husband William Graves. George died in Lee Co., IA in 1840.   What I know about the family comes from the Perkins vs. White case and George's pension application. That's about it. Any further information is appreciated.27 March 2007

Becky Pollard


I am seeking information on Joshua Seale born 1765 or 1775. Family history (dated 1930's) states Joshua Seale fought General DeKalb's Division of the North Carolina Volunteer Infantry and in the Battle of Camden, SC 8-16-1780 and when DeKalb was killed he joined Francis Marion's Roughriders. In was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs, SC 9-8-1781. 19 Jan. 2001 Dusky C. Waters


I have a Daniel White who served in the militia from April 1 to May 1 and from May 29 to June 29 1782 alternately under Captain Joseph Hughes and Col. Thomas Brandon.  Do you have any idea where in SC they were fighting at this time?  What skirmishes were taking place?  Daniel was living in Marion Co. in 1790.  1 April 2001 B. J. Copeland

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