For the initial installment of the sections that I have titled setting, onset, war, and turning point, I began with an old school text for the state of Georgia by Professor Brooks ("An Elementary History of Georgia" by R. P. Brooks, U.Ga., Atkinson, Mentzer, & Co., ©1918).   I like the concise outline form used in this text, and it is so ancient (1918) the copyright is expired (as of 1993).  I have made major modifications in the text, and will continue to do so, and have begun to fill in the appropriate sections for South Carolina.  I have listed references below.  

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  9. Canada still bears the imprint of Revolution-era loyalists, newspaper article by Globe staff writer Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe,,Boston, Massachusetts, 19 April 1999.  Very well done!  The inspiration for my sections on Loyalists.
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  20. 79 Pages (!) of typewritten family material, primarily transcripts of histories and letters in state papers,  a veritable treasure trove of information, was very graciously provided by Ms. Sara Texas Geiger-Geiger for inclusion on this web page at my request, copied and mailed to me by Ms. Helen Skinner.  All material so attributed to Ms. Geiger is copyright ©2000 Ms. Sara Texas Geiger-Geiger, all rights reserved.  I caution that this material is not original source material, but typewritten transcripts of same, and I request that each person using it please attempt to track down at least one original source and mail me a photocopy so that I can correct the inevitable transcription errors that I have introduced, and so that I can provide full complete original source references.
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Reading recommended  by Jud Hair:

  1. "The War in the South" Chidsey
  2. "The Destructive War" Pancake
  3. "Battle of Cowpens" Roberts
  4. "Kings Mountain" Messick
  5. "From Savannah to Yorktown" Lumpkin
  6. "Prelude to Yorktown" Treachy

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