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I am researching my great, great, great grandfather, John Seay and his progeny. The following information springs from a variety of sources, Censuses, Deeds, Wills, and the like as well as the James H. Seay Family Bible and the letters of Rachel Elizabeth Stack Seay c. 1881-1889. Can you give me any further information on John Seay, the father of James H. Seay, who was a prominent farmer and landowner in Lower Richland South Carolina? I need information on John Seay's father.


This is my Line to the Seay's of Richland County to the best of my knowledge---so far; I soldier on.


JOHN SEAY, (c. 1759-1828) g. g. great grandfather,Four Children 

          First wife:Pauline "Polly" Nassery (1770–1810)*THERE IS NO CONCRETE PROOF OF PAULINE.

1.     Mary Seay (1793–Deceased) m. Axton Whitecotton (1770–1832)

2.     Thomas Nassery Seay I (1796–1884) m. Jemima Sheppard (1799–1895)

3.     James H Seay  (1798–1866)

4.     Elizabeth Seay (1803–Deceased) m.William Wyatt Moye (1789–1850)

          SecondWife: Mary Ann Seay died 1846 – no issue (SHE IS MENTIONED IN HIS 1829 WILL)


JAMES H. SEAY (1798-1866 ),g. great grandfather,Eight Children

     First wife:Unknown (possibly a Mary Counter or Couturier)

1.     Mary Louisa Seay (1825-1919) m. George Washington Whitecotton (1823–1864)

     Second Wife: Sarah Wilmoth Carter, (1815-1855) * THERE IS NO CONCRETE PROOF, but we are certainshe was the daughter of Robert Carter and wife Unity Jane Fox Carter.

Marriage 8 December 1835.

2.     Cecelia Nina Seay (1836–1909) m. first Abraham Seay (1830–1860)m. second Rev. Charles Augustus Stiles  (1836–1908)

3.     James Furman Seay (1840–1861) no marriage

4.     John Robert Seay (1841–1921) m. Rachel Elizabeth Stack 1845–1889 (see below)

5.     Ann Elizabeth (Lizzie) Seay (1844–1875) m. Edwin Thomas Williams (1841–1910)

6.     William Fox Seay (1846–1911) m. Frances Yancey (1849–1895)

7.     Marion Jones Seay (1849–1935) m. Mary Jane Stack (1849–1906 )

8.     Thomas Nassery Seay II (1853–1924) m. Annie Napier Turner (1859–1926)


JOHN ROBERT SEAY (1841–1921), great, grandfather,Fifteen Children

          First Wife: Rachel Elizabeth Stack Seay(1845–1889) daughter of John and Elizabeth Stack

          Marriage: 19 December 1865

1.     Robert Leon Seay (1867–1939) m. Anna Eliza Berry)1869–1903)

2.     Wilbur Stack Seay Sr. (1869–1911) m. Mary Huguenin Adams) 1869–1917

3.     Pressley McLeod Seay Sr. (1871–1950) m. Mary Lenore McInnis (1874–1937)

4.     Elizabeth Wilmoth Seay (1872–1960) m. (Harry Glenmore Bates (1866–1934 )

5.     Elwood James Seay (1875–1931) m. Amie Adams) (1878–1944)

6.     Sada Eunice Seay (1878–1961) m. Melbrooks B. Bultman(1886–1959)

7.     Nina Estelle Seay (1880–1963) m. Frank Duane Mower (1877–1937)

8.     Mary Elma Seay (1885–1955) m. Dr. Seaborn Wade Glass) (1873–1947)

9.     Arthur Greer Seay (1885–1957 ) m. Ruby Dozier Sparkman) (1885–1954) 

   Second Wife: Mary Wheeler Stiles (1869–1936) daughter of Rev. Charles Augustus Stiles (1836– 1908) and Mary Keziah Wheeler (1843–1871)

10.  Ruth O Seay (1891–1982) m. James Henry Strong (1884–1938)

11.  Lottie H Seay (1892–Deceased) m. John Hancock Sims Jr. (1891–Deceased)

12.  Esther Anne Seay (1894–1988) never married )

13.  Stiles S Seay (1899–2000) m. John Earl Davis (1892–Deceased )

14.  Ethel E Seay (1902–1997) m. Gerald Dean Harmon (1893–1968)

15.  John Robert Seay Jr. (1906–Deceased) m. Mary Rebekah Roberts (1906–1992 )


Richland County S.C. to Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1903


PRESSLEY MCLEOD SEAYSr. (1871–1950), grandfather

          m.Mary Lenore McInnis (1874–1937), widow of Stephen Elmo Lance           

          (Two Children)

1.     Pressley McLeod Seay Jr. (1908–1970) m. Lea Frances Guy (1911-2009)

2.     Clanton Jones McInnis Seay (1912–1965) m. Sammie Louise Peeler (1912–1997)

Please contact S. Seay-Smith with information on this family.

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