These are resources by John Middleton containing information on Lower Richland African-Americans.

  1. "Wateree Association, Upper Division and Sunday School Convention 110th Anniversary Directory October 1991",

  2. "Directory and Pre-1900 Historical Sketch of South Carolina Black Baptists"

  3. "Acton, Pincushion and the Turn Out".

All of these publications can be found at the S. C. Department of Archieves and History or the Richland County Public Library. In addition, Mrs. Emily E. Vaughn did a book and seperate index entitled

     4. "Index of Black Churches & Cemeteries-Richland County, S. C. Headstone Inscriptions.

The daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Zack C. and Racheal Clarkson did a book on her family. That book can be found at the Dept. of Archieves. I can't remember the title right now.

I have compiled a large 6 feet by 5 feet map that identify several plantations during slavery.

John Middleton

Rev. Middleton has compiled, and supplied to me, a document that traces African Americans in the 1870 census back to the plantations on which the lived prior to 1865.  

Copyright ©2002, John Middleton, all rights reserved. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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