Richland County, South Carolina

Say it aint so, Joe!

I get asked this question all the time, so I might as well fess up and address it up front! (grin)  I was born in Augusta,  Georgia, and of my four grandparents, one was from Massachusetts (lived in Augusta, GA), one was German (lived in Augusta), and two were dyed-in-the-wool Southerners, with all roots in the Southland.  I have lived in northern (!) Massachusetts, about two miles from the New Hampshire border, since 1989.  I had ancestors in Richland County quite early, at least by 1748-9.  My ancestors were in parts of South Carolina before 1700 (Gill, Peebles -all variants, Goethe, Wilson, Edenfield, etc.).  I am "one of them doctors what don't do nobody no good," (words of my deceased and much beloved step father - from the Mississippi delta - he was a good man), an astrophysicist.

Note about the "warning" on the home page.  I get perhaps 50 Email messages a day at present, and rising. There have been a few too many virus scares to suit me, and I delete all suspicious looking Email without opening it.  Be sure your "from" line is filled in in your Email program, and that your "subject" line is filled in and informative!  If you want to send an attachment, please discuss it with me first (via Email).  Cheers!

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