SCMAR, Volume VI Number 3, Summer, 1978

Revolutionary Soldiers aboard the Frigate South Carolina

The following is found on LDS Microfilm entitled Miscellaneous Equity Records, Richland County, S.C. It is Labelled Report No. 2, 1818. Mathew Mathewman and other vs the comptroller General. It dates from the period when Richland District was a part of Columbia Equity District. Not all of the persons mentioned below can be found in the Accounts Audited at the South Carolina Archives. No further papers concerning this case have been found, and the original has not as yet been located.

Mathew Mathewman and others creditors of the State of South Carolina vs the Comptroller General .Commissioners Office, Columbia District, June term 1818.

In obedience to the order of the Hon. Court of Equity for Columbia District ....

Asa Crandle, John Cushing, John Connor, James Tooly, John Boyd, John Calliham, Joseph Dellicourt, Simon Disold, James Connor, John Sheppard, Patrick Driver, John Weatherall, Francis Branham, John Craw, Wm. Brown, Reuben Tucker, Elias Ellicut, Elias Elvile, Jonathan Glover, Thomas Smith, John Burrell, Gales Rogers, William McCassit, Jacob Tucker, Mathew Mathewman, John Bowers, Daniel Manchester, John Raburry, William Ray, Samuel Perry, Daniel Carles, James Pike, Richard Lunt, Joshua Bowen, Daniel Lane, Samuel Perry, Henry Lorrance, Thomas Williams, John Moyett, Amos Anderson, John Bulkley, John Byrne, Samuel Boyland, George Champagne, Joseph Coaleue[?], Philip Rosser, John Chandler, John Dawson, Nicholas Fontaine, Edward Bowen, James Burckle[?], Robert Burrell, Joseph Brown, Francis Barry, Nicholas Boyett, Henry Deacon, John Evins, Francis Foussard, Richard Davis, John Bulger, Caleb Foot, Elias Emphemant, and Isac Duvall

were in the service and employment of the State of South Carolina on board the frigate South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

Mary Dick and Sarah Fitzgerald are the widows of James Dick and William Fitzgerald who were also in said service. Ellis Bartlett is the daughter of Jonathan Bartlett who was likewise on the said ship, who with her mother Ellis Bartlett, the widow of said Jonathan Bartlett and Sally Bartlett another daughter are all the heirs of his Estate.

... an order drawn by Capt. John Joyner on John Rutledge, Governor of South Carolina… powers of attorney by the above named persons.

James Dellet

Comr. C. D.

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