John Griffin's family received a 250 acres grant on the waters of the Congaree (Toms and Griffins Creek area) in the year 1764. These Griffins were part of the large "free-person-of-color" community in Richland County c1790-1850. Were these the "Sandhillers?" John was possibly half Indian, perhaps Cherokee. His wife's father was part Saponi from North Carolina. Absalom GRIFFIN, who lived in Richland c1770, was not listed as a person of color, so he and John may have been a half brothers. Sons were Gideon, Morgan and John. Daughter was Hannah or Johannah.

First Generation:

John2 Griffin (son of Joseph1 and Joyce) was born 08 Oct 1719 in Colonial SC, probably in St. Georges Parish near Charleston. He died 1771 in St. Marks Parish SC, in what later would be Richland County. His first wife was probably (1) (Indian) married about 1740. He later married (2) Agnes about 1747. He married his last wife (3) Mary much later.

See the following sources:

Prince Frederick Parish Registery:

· John Griffin, son of Joseph Griffin and Joyce his wife, born October 8th 1719, was Baptized June 17th SC Jury Lists

· 1744 John Griffin St. Paul's Parish Orangeburg District Records of Rev. Giessendanner

On Sunday December the 10th [1752] In Amelia [were baptized:]

 · Absalom, son of John and Agnes Griffin - born 21st

September 1748, Sureties Nathan Joyner and Winifred his wife, Mary Ann wife of Conrad Halman [sic].

· Choice, dau of John and Agnes Griffin - January 3 1750.

John William Leysaht [sic], Mary Ann wife of Conrad Holman and Winifred wife of Nathan Joyner.

· Mary, dau of John and Agnes Griffin - born April 21, 1753.

Casper Brown, Brigitte Smith, Mary wife of Martin Poutchmouth.

South Carolina Will Book 1752-1756

· Peter Benoist, his mark, Craven County. Exor John Parmour, Philip Williams, Isaac Conturier. Witness: John Griffin. John Chaveno, Francis Couturier dated1756

South Carolina Grants

· John Griffin 1764 - 250 acres waters of the Congaree

South Carolina Deeds

· B-5, 359-363: Lease and release, 29 & 30 Sept 1775.

Joseph Kershaw of Camden, merchant to Aaron Loocock of Charlestown merchant for L1500 SC money the two adjoining tracts 250 acres on south west side of Wateree River in Craven County near the Raft, 150 acres granted to Thomas Smith 1 Feb 1758 recorded in Book RR page 142 and by said Thomas Smith conveyed to John Griffen and by John Griffen conveyed to Joseph Kershaw 4 & 5 Sept 1765...Proved 16 Jan 1776...Recorded 4 Oct 1779. [Also recorded D-5, 284-286.]

South Carolina Probate Records, Vol 2, by Holcombe

· Dedimus Issued to Andrew Allison Esqr. to qualify Mary

Griffin Widow, admx of John Griffin Dec'd. December 5th 1771.

South Carolina Grants

· John Porteus 200 acres Oct 15 1772. Near Wm Rawlinson,Absalom Griffin, Widow Griffin, Widow Culpepper.

Probate Records of South Carolina, Vol 3 "Journal of the Court of Ordinary, 1764-1771" by Holcombe

· Citation granted to Mary Griffin Widow of St. Marks Parish, Craven Co to administer on the estate and effects of John Griffin late of the parish and county aforesaid deceased as nearest of kin. 8 May 1771.

Child of John Griffin and (Indian) is:

i. John3 Griffin born Bef. 1746 in Colonial SC; died Aft. 1790 in Richland Dist SC.  Children of John Griffin and Agnes are:

  1. i. Absalom3 Griffin, born 21 Sep 1748 in Amelia Township, SC.

  2. ii. Choice Griffin, born 03 Jan 1749/50 in Amelia Township, SC.

  3. iii. Mary Griffin, born 21 Apr 1753 in Amelia Township, SC.

Second Generation:

John GRIFFIN, (son of John, son of Joseph & Joyce) was born Bef. 1746 in Colonial SC, and died Aft. 1790 in Richland Dist SC. He married Miles BUNCH, about 1760, daughter of Gideon BUNCH and Mary JACKSON.

Suspected children of John Griffin and Miles Bunch are:

i. Morgan4 Griffin, born about 1760 in Granville Co NC; died 28 Mar 1837 in Richland Dist SC. He married (unknown).

First located: 1790, Orangeburg District (Northern Part), SC

Last located: 1820, Richland Dist SC

ii. Gideon Griffin, born about 1760 in NC or SC; died 10 Jul 1837 in Richland Dist SC. He married Patience RAWLINSON 1790 in Richland Dist SC.

First located: 1790, Richland Dist SC

Last located: 1820, Richland Dist SC

Also see: 1810, Richland Dist SC

iii. John Griffin, born 1760-1770 in Granville Co NC or Camden District SC; died Aft. 1830 in Edgefield District, SC.

First located: 1820, Lexington Dist, SC

Last located: 1830, Edgefield Dist, SC

iv. Hannah (or Johannah) Griffin, born about 1770 in Richland Dist SC; died 16 Nov 1844 in Fairfield Dist SC. She married Berry JEFFERS 23 Aug 1782 in Richland Dist SC.


First located: 1790, Richland Dist SC

Last located: 1810, Richland Dist SC

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