January 24, 1763, young Phillip Roberts was born on Cape Fear River, Cumberland County, North Carolina. Thus begins the earliest known history of the Roberts and Grant family.   Phillip parents are unknown to this author. However, it is known that Phillip Robesrts moved to the Darlington District of South Carolina with his parents in 1777.

While residing in Darlington, Phillip Roberts enlisted in the American Revoluntionary Army during 1778. The fifteen (15) years old Roberts served under Captain Amos Windham, (3 1/2) years in the Revolutionary Army.

Immediately, after the American Revoluntionary, Phillip Roberts moved to Harrison County, Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Roberts had at least two children, Forster and Phillip Roberts, Jr. Phillip, Jr. was born in 1797.

Phillip Roberts, Jr. married a woman whose first name was Mary.

Phillip and Mary Roberts had six (6) children. Those children were William T., Sarah, Susan, Phillip I, Thomas R. and David Roberts.

Our family trace our ancestory back to William T. Roberts (1819-1898). Feriday is listed in the 1850 census as William's wife. William and Feriday child was Mary. Mary married Thomas Cooper.

William T. Roberts second wife was Martha. William and Martha Roberts children were William A., Elizabeth, Thomas and Marion Roberts.

Similiarity like other southern planters, William T. Roberts continued relationship with former slave women. One such relationship was one that involved Dicie Johnson Jones and William T. Roberts. William T. Roberts and Dicie Johnson had two sons. Those two boys were Abraham and Major Roberts. Abraham was born in 1872 and Major in 1874. Dicie and her sons lived on William Clarkson's Raft Plantation, which was about six (6) miles south of William T. Roberts homestead.

Dicie Johnson's slave father was William Johnson. Her sisters and brothers were Joshua, Ellen McCord, John, Rose and John Johnson. Ellen married Anderson McCord. John married Juliann McKenzie.   Dicie Johnson married August Jones. August and Dicie Jones moved to Sumter County with children which included Rueben and Henry Jones. Rueben Jones was an enterprener in Sumter owning a furniture store.

Dicie and Williams' sons Abraham and Major were affiliated with Eastover's Zion Episcopal Church. Abraham latter affiliated with St. Luke Episcopal church while Major joined a baptist church in Sumter.

Abraham Roberts and Dianna Grant, the daughter of Peter and Ellen LaBrew Grant, had one son. He was Samuel Grant, Sr.   Samuel Grant was the great grandson of Brutus (1799) and Nellie (1804) Labrew. Both Brutus and Nellie Labrew were probably slaves belonging to Mr. Thomas Boston Clarkson.   Brutus and Nellie's children were Clara Ellen, Charity, Glasco, Mitchell and December.

  Clara Labrew's lineage is unknown. Charity Labrew married Wesley Chapman around 1859. Wesley and Charity Chapman's children were Charles (1858), Israel t 1860), Wesley, Jr. (1864), Silvy (1870), Emma (1877) and Sue (1874).

Ellen Labrew married Peter Grant in 1856. Peter and Ellen's children were Kate (1857) Linda (1863), Peter, Jr. (1870), Diana (1875), Edward (1876) and Ona (1881). Peter Grant had one son prior to his marriage to Ellen Labrew. That son was Sandy Grant (1851). Sandy Grant's mother was Nancy Bosby (1825). Sandy Grant's children were Nancy (1874), William (1875) and Ella (1873).

Linda Grant's children were Alice (1886), Arthur (1894), Isiah (1896), Dolle Ann (1898) and James (1899).

Dianna Grant married Simon Garner. Their children in addition to Samuel Grant, Dianna's first child, were Marie and Ada Garner.

Ona Grant first husband was John Richardson. Their children were John and Louise Richardson. Louise married Moses Glover. Horace Jacobs was her second husband.

Mitchell Labrew married Ever McLamore in 1854. Their children were Nellie (1856), Tena (1858), Joshua (1860), Caroline (1864), Jane (1865), Brutus (1870), Leebby (1876) and Tony (1875). Nellie married Simon Pressly. Tena married Doctor Robinson in 1877.

December Labrew married Silvia River in 1869. Their children were Rosetta, Chairty, and Venus.

Abram and Celia Cole Roberts, Beverly and Mary Weston Cole's daughter, had four children; Victoria, Dicie "Dollie", Cecelia and Irvin Roberts. Abram Roberts and his second wife, Ruth Hemphill Roberts children were William, Abraham, Elizabeth, Marion, Dorothy, Edith, Mae, Rosa, Charles, Frances and Nell.

Abraham Roberts, Sr. moved his family to Columbia during the 1920's. They lived on Lady Street. At the time of his death, he worked as a delivery man for the State Printing Company.

Abraham Roberts served in the capacity of a deacon at St. Luke Episcopal Church. He was eighty (80) years old when he died. He was buried at Friendship Baptist Church in Hopkins, South Carolina.

Major Roberts, William and Dicie's youngest son married Mary "Mamie" Woodward, the daughter of Moses and Mary Woodward from Wateree, South Carolina. They had five children; Eunice, Viola, Essie and Helen. Major and his family moved to Sumter County just the turn of the century.

Major second wife was Rosa Green Roberts. She was from the Sumte area. They may have had children, but none are known to the author.

Major Roberts was known as the "Praying Deacon" according to Sumter residents who knew him. Additionally, he trained his daughter in every aspect of christian activities such as public speaking and music. Major Roberts work hard in his church and was instrumental in helping to organize Trinity Baptist Church in Sumter.

Major Roberts was employed by the Sumter City water works department. He died during the 1940's and was buried at Sumter's public cemetery.

  William T. Roberts also had a relationship with a second former slave woman. That woman was Racheal Grant, the daughter of Daniel (1810) Leab (1825) Grant. Racheal Grant's sisters and brothers were George, Henry, Laura, Isabelle, Sam, David, Robert and Amanda. George married Charlotte Saylor. George and Charlotte Saylor Grant are also the great-great grandparents of the author John A. Middleton. Laura Grant married

Calhoun Edmons. Isabelle married James Rawlinson. Sam married Julia Spencer. Amanda Grant married Ebbin Richardson.

Racheal Grant and her family were former slaves of Eli Huffman in Lexington County. They moved across the river immediately after slavery ended.

Racheal and William T. Roberts had two sons, John and Gus Roberts. John was born in 1873. Gus, his younger brother was born in 1877.   These two boys and their mother lived in the Hopkins area.

John Roberts married Mary Jumper, the daughter of Perry Jumpter. They had three (3) children; Perry, Verlisha and Gussie Roberts. John Roberts died at an early aged. Very little is known as to what happen to his branch of the family.

Gus Roberts married Julia Cherry, the daughter of Knockie and Adaline Gnatt Cherry. Adaline Gnatt was the daughter of Robert and Julia Gnatt, former slaves on the Calvin Branch Old Field; Plantation owned by Mrs. Kiziah Goodwin Hopkins Brevard. Julia Gnatt was the sister of Phyllis Middleton, the great-great grandmother of this author John A. Middleton.

Gus and Julia Cherry Roberts had three (3) children. These children are Robert, James and Josephine. Josephine married Nehemiah Johnson, the son Jacob and Fannie Goodwin Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were both over eighty-eight (88) years of age at the time of this history (1988). The late Mrs. Josephine Johnson helped the author a great deal in writing this family history. Mrs. Josephine Johnson died in 1989.

Robert Roberts married Ida Jacobs, the dauther of Walter and Fannie Swinton Jacobs.

James Roberts married Iola Gilliams. Iola was the daughter of Mach and Martha Pearson Gilliam.

James Roberts is the grandfather of Gus Roberts, a candidiate for Richland County Council during the 1988 election.

William T. Roberts four mulatto sons have contributed a gread deal for our community. Therefore, we the descendants of William T. Roberts salute them during our second annual Roberts-Grant Family Reunion. We pledge to carry forward their ideas and legacy.

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