Estate Partitions in the Washington District Court of Equity, 1803-1826 SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.9 Pages 5-10. (Estate of RICHARD STROTHER). Richard Strother of Newberry District died owning five tracts of land in Newberry, Fairfield, and Richalnd Districts, viz, (1) 500 acres on the south side of Broad River in Newberry District, (2) 300 acres in said District on Second Creek, (3) 100 acres in said District on Heller's Creek, (4) 400 acres in Fairfield District on the north side of Broad River, known as Strother's Ferry Tract, and (5) 500 acres on the south side of the said river in Richland District, about 12 miles above Columbia. Some time in the fall of 1794, Richard Strother departed this life intestate, leaving a widow (name not given) who has since died, and five children, to wit:

i. Milly Tolefaro Strother, the wife of Zachary or Zachariah Hogg,

ii. William Strother,

iii. Sarah Fort Strother,

iv. Nancey Rachel Strother,

v. Lucey Strother.

Zachariah Hogg, in the right of his wife, prayed for a partition. Commission from  Zachariah Hogg, in the right of his wife, prayed for a partition. Commission from Robert Creswell, Commissioner in Equity, to John Hampton, James McMorris, Benjamin May, James Davis, & Philip Pearson, ordering them to make the desired partition, dated Third Monday in February(?), 1806. Commissioners sworn 17 Oct. 1806 before Mich'ls(?) Dickert, J.P.

Their report described the land in three plats: Plat I., entitled "Lands held by the Estate of Richard Strother on the south side of broad River in Newberry District," shews 226 acres on Cowpen Creek and Hillar's Creek, adjoined by the lands of John Glymph, William Richardson, and Martin Cromer, and "part of the original tract held by Robert Newbey and the Heirs of Jessee Buckannon." This tract was set apart to Zachariah Hogg in right of his wife Milley.

Plat II., includes Section 2, 106 acres adjoined by "part of the original tract held by Rachel English," land belonging to the heirs of James Hoard, "part of the original tract held by Jacob Fulker," road from Enoree to Granby, land of Jacob Oxner and of John Mettz; also Section 3, 50 acres;

Section 4, 102 acres; and Section 5, 150 acres, adjoining each other and all together adjoined by John Lowe, Henry Mettz, Micajah Buchanon, Thomas Dawkins, and John Mettz. Sections 2, 3, and 4 were set to William Strother, and Section 5 was set apart to Lucey Strother. Plat dated 8 Nov. 1806.

Plat III., entitled "Lands on North Side of Broad River in Fairfield District," includes Section 6, 278 acres, adjoined by Broad River, Hermon Kinsler, Esquire, and Philip Pearson, and Section 7, 202 acres, adjoined by George Seegler and Phil. Pearson. (Although it is not indicated on the plat, these two sections may be presumed to have been set apart for Sarah Fort Strother and Nancey Rachel Strother.)

Attached to the plats are the following notes:

1. (Section) No. 1, being East part of a tract originally granted to Johannes Kuller, alias Keller.

2. (Section) No. 2, 106 acres, being Southernmost part of a tract of 350 acres originally granted to Jacob Furger, alias Fulker.

3. (Section) No. 3, 50 acres originally granted to Adam Keller.

4. (Section) No. 4, 102 acres originally granted to Margaret Smellen.

5. (Section) No. 5, 150 acres originally granted to Daniel Gartman.

(Sections 3, 4, and 5 compose Strother's home plantation in Newberry District.)

6. (Section) No. 6, 278 acres, originally granted to William Moore.

7. (Section) No. 7, 202 acres, originally granted to Elizabeth Shirer.

(Sections 6 and 7 compose Strother's Ferry Plantation in Fairfield District.)

8. (not platted) 450 acres or ginally granted to Hans Michael Swagert, claimed by Heirs of Richard Strother but in possession of Nathan Center. The surveyor was stoped by Hr. Center and prevented from finishing the resurvey.… 3 Oct. 1806.

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