Charleston Military Prison
Charleston City Jail

  This is a post war drawing of one of the accomdations that Union officers were held in while in Charleston prior to their movement to Camp Sorghum, Columbia, S. C., fall of 1864.

This drawing ot the Charleston Jail and Marine Hospital is from "Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion," 1857.

  This is a post war drawing was done by 1st Lieutenant Ole Rasmussen Dahl, 15th Wisconsin Infantry, who was moved from Charleston to Columbia.

 There was a major Officer POW exchange during August 1864. Prior to exchange, some had been confined at Roper Hospital

  The Charleston Race Course is another of the accomdations that Union Prisoners of War were held. While mostly emlisted men, there is some indication that some officers were also there. It was a horse racing track located in Charleston, SC near the present day Citadel. and was als known as the Planters' Race Course and the Washington Race Course,. The death rate here was mostly due to the terrible condition of the men who had survived Camp Sumter, Andersonville, GA.

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