Columbia Military Prison
Camp Sorghum

This drawing was done by Lieutenant Ole Rasmussen Dahl, 15th Wisconsin Infantry, "The Scandinavian Regiment", Camp Sorghum, Columbia, S. C., fall of 1864.

This litho is contained in the Special Collections & Archives Division, Robert W. Woodruff Library Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322-2870. While its preparer is unknown, it is similiar to others done by Lt Dahl and represents a view of the camp and its guards. Lack of security features are obvious and general lack of facilities. I am not sure how accurate it is since it appears to have some rolling hills, not a feature of the land that accounts have it built. The plot was described as a flat plot of scrub pines which fits into th topography of the land in the area. But features otherwise noted such as the "dead line", fairly solid line of guards standing post, and rough "housing" available for both POWs and guards are obvious. The guards are failry well dressed so must have been the Georgia troops rather than the South Carolina State Troops who were what they brought into service.

Another a post war drawing of one of the best accomdations that some handy Union officers were able to put together to shelter themselves, artist not known to me.

Another a post war drawing of one of the gurads and general terrain, artist not known to me.

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