The Other Side

While this site is dedicated to the Union Officers held by the Confederacy in Columbai Military Prison in 1864 and 1865, and the Confederate Patriots who guarded them, as an unreconstructed rebel, I must give both sides of the treatement of the Union Officers held in Columbia. The best defense was made by some of the Officers themselves.

I cannot exclude the following articles written by Confederate soldiers who were held in Northern Prisons. The conditions they lived under were similiar to those in the South. The difference is that the union had the resources to more humanly house, cloth, and feed them while the confederacy was slowly being starved into submission.

I make no excuses for the excesses but only want it understood that the atrocities were not limited to either side.
Colonel D. R. Hundley; Alabama 31st Infantry
Fritz Fuzzelbug; Immortal 600
1st Lieutenant Henry E. Shepherd; 43 North Carolina: Johnson Island, Ohio POW; Prison Narratives
John H. King; Georgia 6th Cavalry; Camp Chase POW
W. H. Duff; Louisiana 25th Infantry; Camp Chase POW
Griffin Frost; Missouri State Guards - Co. A
Miles O. Sherrill; North Carolina 12th Infantry
W. A. Wash; Tennessee 60th Infantry; Johnson Island, Ohio POW
A Soldier; Virginia 12th Infantry
John R. King; Virginia 25th Infantry
James F. Crocker; Virginia 9th Infantry

There are the twenty five regular prison pens in the North and a estimation of the number of Confederate deaths occurred. This does not included those men who were "FREED" at War's end with no way to make it home. Many died in transit.

Prison Name Deaths
Alton, Illinois 1,613
Camp Bulter, Illinois 816
Camp Chase, Ohio 2,108
Camp Douglass, Illinois 3,750
Camp Morton, Indiana 1,765
Camp Randall, Wisconsin 137
Chester, Pennsylvania 213
David's Island, New York Harbor 178
Elmira, New York 2,960
Fort Delaware, Delaware 2,502
Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Mass 13
Frederick, Maryland 226
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 210
Hart's Island, New York Harbor 230
Johnson's Island, Ohio 270
Knoxville, Tennessee 138
Little Rock, Arkansas 220
Nashville, Tennessee 561
New Orleans, Louisiana 329
Point Lookout, Maryland 3,446
Richmond, Virginia 175
Rock Island, Illinois 1,922
St. Louis, Missouri 589
Ship Island, Mississippi 162
Old Capitol Prison, Washington, DC 457
Total Estimated Deaths 24,990

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