Union Officer Prisoners Imprisoned at
Prison(s) not sure from
Indiana Units

SurName, Given Name Unit of Service Co Rank When & Where captured
Adams, H. W.Lieutenant29 Infantry 19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Barlow, James W.1st Lieutenant51 InfantryD03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Burnett, George M. ( G. N. ( E. W. )1st Lieutenant4 CavalryH04-May-64 @ Varnell, GA
Butler, Commodore Perry ( C. P. )1st Lieutenant29 InfantryF19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Carley ( Carly ( Curley ), Albert A. ( H. A. )Captain73 InfantryE30-Apr-63 @ Days Gap, ALDied
Carr, John P.Captain93 InfantryB12-Jun-64 @ Salem, MS
Clegg, Mathew1st Lieutenant5 CavalryM31-Jul-64 @ Clinton, GA
Coffin, Griffin A.Adjutant29 InfantryG19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Davis, Samuel B. ( L. B. )Captain93 InfantryC12-Jun-64 @ Salem, MS
Deung ( Dueng ), W. N.Captain51 Infantry 03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Dilan, J. A.Lieutenant51 Infantry 03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Elder, JohnLieutenant8 Infantry 22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA
Fisher, S.Lieutenant93 Infantry 11-Aug-64 @ Salem, MS
Flinn, John M.Captain51 InfantryF03-May-63 @ Gaylesville, AL
Foster, Henry C. ( H. H. )1st Lieutenant23 InfantryB24-Jun-64 @ Atlanta, GA
Godwin ( Goodown ( Godown ), J. M.Lieutenant12 Infantry 22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA
Gordon, Ebenezer1st Lieutenant81 InfantryD20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Grover, J. E.Lieutenant6 Cavalry 16-Sep-63 @ Bean's Station, TN
Hand, Gidion T. ( G. D. )2nd Lieutenant51 InfantryF03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Hawkins, B. W.Lieutenant7 CavalryD 
Holloway, John M.Lieutenant6 InfantryL 
Hulladay, A. J.Lieutenant13 Cavalry 02-Aug-64 @ Carrolton, GA
Hulland ( Nulland ), William R.2nd Lieutenant5 CavalryI31-Jul-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
James, Henry H.1st Lieutenant6 CavalryG19-Jan-64 @ Big Springs, TN
Kane ( Kand ), S. ( T. )2nd Lieutenant38 Infantry 20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Kendall, T. ( J. )Captain13 Infantry 03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Kephart, John S.2nd Lieutenant5 CavalryF16-May-63 @ East TN
Kepheart, J. S.2nd Lieutenant5 CavalryF18-May-63 @ Marabone, KY
Kessler, John G.Captain2 CavalryA30-Jul-64 @ Newnan, GA
Knowles, Edward M.1st Lieutenant42 InfantryK19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
Knox, James C.1st Lieutenant4 CavalryI09-May-64 @ Varnell, GA
Larkin, Francis A.2nd Lieutenant18 InfantryD04-Jun-63 @ Edwards's Depot, MS
Leigh, T. O.Lieutenant6 Cavalry 19-Jan-64 @ Big Springs, TN
Mc Holland, David A.Captain (Lieutenant Colonel)73 InfantryB03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Mennier ( Marion ( Meriner ), Narcissus J. ( N. J. )1st Lieutenant93 InfantryG13-Aug-64 @ Salem, MS
Millis, John1st Lieutenant66 InfantryD11-Oct-63 @ Colliersville, TN
Moore, W. Q.Lieutenant3 Cavalry 11-Feb-64 @ Tangpahea, FL
Murdock, Henry S. ( R. S. )1st Lieutenant73 InfantryH03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Neal ( Nall ( Neill ), Anfrew J. ( A. S. )Veteranry Surgeon5 CavalryF&S03-Jun-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
Nulland ( Holan ( Hullen ), W. R.Lieutenant5 Cavalry 31-Jul-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
Parmalee ( Parmala ), J. A. ( J. R. )Captain7 InfantryA22-Feb-64 @ Okolona, MS
Parveance ( Purveance ), J. S.Lieutenant130 Infantry 01-Jul-64 @ Marietta, GA
Reynolds, E.Lieutenant73 Infantry  
Rowan, WilliamCaptain9 CavalryK 
Rugg ( Ruggs ), Charles L.1st Lieutenant6 CavalryK03-Aug-64 @ Athens, GA
Shaefer ( Schaefer ), Henry W. ( N. W. )Lieutenant24 Battery 31-Jul-64 @ Macon, GA
Smith, Jabez S. A.Captain16 InfantryI22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA
Soper ( Sober ), Melvin H.Major5 CavalryH31-Jul-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
Spencer, Samuel A.Captain82 InfantryB20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA
St. John, William H.1st Lieutenant5 CavalryH08-Jun-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
Sterling, John1st Lieutenant13 InfantryA03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Taylor, Harvey1st Lieutenant65 InfantryI14-Dec-63 @ Bean's Station, TN
Thomas, Alexander N. ( A. V. )Lieutenant73 InfantryC03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Thompson, Chauncey H.Major5 CavalryF&S31-Jul-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA
Tinker, S. H.Lieutenant93 InfantryD12-Jun-64 @ Ripley, MS
Uptigrove, J. Ralph ( T. R. )1st Lieutenant73 InfantryA03-May-63 @ Rome, GA
Wakefield, Hezekiah B.Captain53 InfantryA29-Jun-64 @ Kennesaw Mt., GA
Westlake ( Wistlake ), Joseph A.Captain73 InfantryG03-May-63 @ Cedar Bluff, AL
Whitman, Winfield S.1st Lieutenant66 InfantryI11-Oct-63 @ Colliersville, TN
Williams, C. P.Lieutenant78 Infantry  
Woodrow, James C. ( I. A. )Lieutenant73 InfantryFB03-May-63 @ Rome, GA

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