Union Officer Prisoners Imprisoned in
Columbia Military Prison from
Illinois Units

SurName, Given Name Unit of Service Co Rank Where & When captured Flag
Albin ( Alban ), Henry S.1st Lieutenant79 InfantryE19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Albro, Stephen A.2nd Lieutenant80 InfantryB03-May-63 @ Rome, GA 
Alden ( Allen ), George C. ( O. C. )1st Lieutenant & Quartmaster112 InfantryF&S24-May-64 @ Cass Station, GA 
Austin, George A.Captain14 15 Illinois BattalionR. Q. M.04-Oct-64 @ Acworth, GA 
Baker, Henry D.Captain120 InfantryA05-Jun-64 @ La Grange, MS 
Bassett, Mark Mitchell1st Lieutenant53 InfantryE12-Jul-63 @ Jackson, MS 
Bassett ( Bennett ), William H. ( A. H. )1st Lieutenant79 InfantryK19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Benson, John F.Captain120 InfantryK12-Jun-64 @ Guntown, MS 
Biggs ( Briggs ), James2nd Lieutenant123 InfantryF20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Blanchard, George A.Captain85 InfantryC19-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Boas ( Boaz ( Baas ), Edward P. ( E. P. )Captain20 InfantryG24-May-63 @ Raymond, MS 
Brunn ( Brum ), Samuel1st Lieutenant - Bvt81 InfantryD11-Jun-63 @ Ripley, MS 
Bryant ( Butler ), Mendez C.1st Lieutenant42 InfantryD20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Busch ( Bush ), John G. ( J. T. )Captain16 CavalryE03-Jan-64 @ Jonesboro, VA 
Caldwell ( Calwell ( Colwell ), James S. ( J. C. )2nd Lieutenant16 CavalryL03-Jun-64 @ Jonesboro, VA 
Calkins, William W.Lieutenant104 InfantryE20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Call ( Camfield ), Charles H.Captain29 InfantryB23-Jun-63 @ Leclere, MS 
Campbell, Benjamin F. ( G. )Captain36 InfantryB20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Channel ( Charnel ), Joseph R.Lieutenant1 ArtilleryC15-Feb-65 @ Lexington, SC 
Cole, Osman L.1st Lieutenant51 InfantryH20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Conover ( Cannover ( Conner ( Connover ), Stephen D. ( D. S. )Captain125 InfantryB21-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Cox, Joel L.2nd Lieutenant21 InfantryI21-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Crawford, Henry B. ( H. P. )1st Lieutenant2 CavalryM11-Jun-63 @ Hermando, MS 
Cuniffe ( Cuniff ), Hyacinth1st Lieutenant13 InfantryI24-Nov-63 @ Lookout Mountain, GA 
Davis ( E. G. ), Edgar J.Lieutenant44 InfantryG20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Fox, James D. ( D. D. )2nd Lieutenant16 CavalryH03-Jan-64 @ Jonesboro, VA 
Gamble, George H.Adjutant8 CavalryF&S22-Sep-63 @ Madison C H, VA 
Gerhardt, Hugo1st Lieutenant24 InfantryF20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Gillespie, James B.Captain120 InfantryI12-Jun-64 @ Ripley, MS 
Gore ( Goove ), J. B.Lieutenant115 InfantryA24-Sep-63 @ Lookout Mountain, GA 
Green, Edwin A.1st Lieutenant81 InfantryK11-Jun-63 @ Ripley, MS 
Griffin, Henry G. ( W. G. ( S. G. )Lieutenant112 InfantryD18-Nov-63 @ Knoxville, TN 
Gross, Theodor E. M.2nd Lieutenant21 InfantryA20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Halderman ( Halliman ( Haideman ( Holderman ), JohnLieutenant129 InfantryD Died
Handy ( Haneley ), ThomasCaptain79 InfantryF20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Hanon ( Hamon ), Jesse1st Lieutenant115 InfantryA21-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Henderson, John H.2nd Lieutenant14 15 Illinois BattalionD04-Oct-64 @ Acworth, GADied
Henry ( Herny ), Adolphus J.Lieutenant120 InfantryI12-Jun-64 @ Ripley, MS 
Hitt, William R.Captain113 CavalryK10-Jun-64 @ Briers' Cross Roads, MS 
Hodge, William L. ( W. S. )Captain120 InfantryE10-Jun-64 @ North Mississippi 
Hovey ( Horway ), Hardin1st Lieutenant78 InfantryI  
Hughes, Richard M.Lieutenant14 CavalryF31-Jul-64 @ Sunshine Church, VA 
Hymer, SamuelCaptain115 InfantryD13-Oct-64 @ Mill Creek, GA 
Irwin, Chistopher Leander "Lee"Lieutenant78 InfantryF22-Sep-63 @ Mission Ridge, TN 
Jackson, James S.Captain22 InfantryG20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Jones, John A.Lieutenant21 InfantryK20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Jones, M. P. ( M. J. )Captain115 InfantryD13-Oct-64 @ Mill Creek, GA 
Keniston, Jerry2nd Lieutenant100 InfantryH20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Kidder, George Chandler2nd Lieutenant113 InfantryG10-Jun-64 @ Tishamingo Creek, MS 
King, George EdwardCaptain113 InfantryF10-Jun-64 @ Briers' Cross Roads, MS 
Lodge, George R.Captain (Lieutenant)53 InfantryK/G12-Jul-63 @ Jackson, MS 
Lumbard, Horace G.Lieutenant8 CavalryF  
Mann ( Main ), Calvin A.Captain5 CavalryK22-Jun-63 @ Jones County, MS 
Mc Donald, CharlesLieutenant2 ArtilleryI07-Jun-64 @ Big Shanty, GA 
McGinnis, William A.Captain74 InfantryK  
Miller, Chauncey1st Lieutenant & Adjutant14 CavalryF&S13-Sep-63 @ Bean's Station, TN 
Mitchell, John2nd Lieutenant79 InfantryA19-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Morris, William M.Lieutenant93 InfantryA25-Nov-63 @ Mission Ridge, TN 
Morse, Elisha ( A. )Lieutenant78 InfantryI22-Sep-63 @ Mission Ridge, TN 
Newsome ( Newscom ), EdmundCaptain81 InfantryB13-Jun-64 @ Salem, MS 
O'Kane ( O'Kain Jr. ), Joseph1st Lieutenant7 InfantryB03-Nov-63 @ Quinn' s Mill, MS 
Parker, George M. ( J. M. )Lieutenant48 InfantryH18-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Phinney, AndrewLieutenant90 InfantryA22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Picquet, Xavier ( H. )2nd Lieutenant32 InfantryK22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Porter, David M.Captain120 InfantryH11-Jun-63 @ North Mississippi 
Porter, Leonard G. ( T. G. )2nd Lieutenant81 InfantryH11-Jun-63 @ Ripley, MS 
Powell, OrvilleLieutenant42 InfantryC20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Powell, Walter H.Captain2 Light ArtilleryF22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Provine, William M.Lieutenant84 InfantryB20-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Quigg, DavidMajor14 CavalryF&S04-Aug-64 @ Athens, GA 
Roberts, Edward R.Captain7 InfantryC07-Mar-64 @ Florence, AL 
Rose, James E. ( J. C. )1st Lieutenant120 InfantryI12-Jun-64 @ Ripley, MS 
Rourke ( Rouhe ( Rough ), JohnCaptain1 ArtilleryL30-Jun-64 @ Petersburg, VA 
Schroeder ( Shroeder ( Chivester ), C. Hugo2nd Lieutenant82 InfantryF01-Jul-63 @ Gettysburg, PA 
Schweinfurth ( Schwainforth ( Schromforth ), H. Franz1st Lieutenant24 InfantryK/E20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Scoville ( Scooville ), Horace C.Lieutenant92 InfantryK23-Apr-64 @ Ringgold, GA 
Shedd, WarrenColonelF&S22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Smythe ( Smith ), Samuel ScalesCaptain1 ArtilleryF/A22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Songer ( Sanger ( Singer ), Abraham W.Lieutenant21 InfantryG20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Stolbrand, Charles J.Captain (Major)2 Light ArtilleryG/HQ  
Strang, Henry W.Captain13 InfantryH22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Swift, EdwinLieutenant74 InfantryB24-Sep-64 @ Jonesboro, VA 
Turner ( Tanner ( Tamer ), David1st Lieutenant118 InfantryE24-May-63 @ Raymond, MS 
Welshimer ( Weishimer ( Wolshimer ), PhillipCaptain21 InfantryB20-Sep-63 @ Chickamauga, GA 
Wilson, RobertLieutenant113 InfantryC11-Jun-64 @ Tishamingo Creek, MS 
Winship ( Windship ), James A.Lieutenant88 InfantryK20-Aug-64 @ East Point, GA 
Worthen, Thomas A.2nd Lieutenant118 InfantryE24-May-63 @ Raymond, MS 
Young, David G.Captain81 InfantryD11-Jun-63 @ Ripley, MS 
Young, William J.Lieutenant111 InfantryE22-Jul-64 @ Atlanta, GA 
Zeis ( Zeit ), Henrich ( Henry )Captain80 InfantryC/HQ03-May-63 @ Rome, GA 

Those flagged as "Died" are also listed with all that I know who died in Columbia as deaths so I have listed them twice, once in state they served from and once as a group. I feel sure there were far more deaths amongst the POW's. I have seen estimates of 40+ disease deaths of prison guards and know 4 for sure.

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