excerpt from The Charlotte Observer June 27, 1948
excerpt from article 216 Carolinas War Dead On Way to U.S.

Fallen Warriors Scheduled to Arrive Soon Aboard Transport Greenville Victory

Two hundred and sixteen Carolinas World War II dead are aboard the US Army transport Greenville Victory, which is scheduled to dock soon in New York, it was announced yesterday.
The Greenville Victory is returning the remains of 3,734 Americans who lost their lives in the European theater and were originally interred in temporary military cemeteries in France. Of the total aboard the ship, 137 and North Carolinians and 79 are South Carolinians.
The Army stated that each next of kin would be notified in advance of the arrival of the vessel and again after the arrival of the remains at the regional distribution centers of the American Graves Registration service.
Darlington area soldiers that were listed with next of kin
Pfc. James C. Ammons, Army, Carlie C. Ammons, 25 Harper St, Cheraw.
Pvt. William E. Burrows, Army, David Burrows, Rt. 3, Box 173, Kingstree.
T-Sgt. Thomas C. Cole, Army, Hannibal L. Cole, Rt. 1, Cades.
Pvt. Hoyt L. Cribb, Army, Hoyt Cribb, Rt. 4, Johnsonville. 
Pvt. Grover Easterling, Army, Viola Easterling, Rt. 1, Hartsville.
Pvt. Wesley E. Faulkenberry, Army, Monnie Faulkenberry, Rt. 2, Kershaw.
Pfc. Reace C. Gainey, Army, Mrs. Maggie G. Roscoe, 305 Church St, Cheraw.
Pfc. Pete W. Goins, Army, Webb Goins, Rt. 1, Box 110, Hyman.
Pfc. Otis F. Griggs, Army, Pauline Hall, Box 47, Hartsville.
Pfc. John W. Hilton, Army, Claude M. Hilton, Rt. 1, Box 39-AA, Sumter.
T/Sgt. O'Dell Holden, Army, James Holden, Rt. 2, Conway.
2nd Lt. John E. James, Jr., Army, John E. James, Sr, care Postmaster, Summerton.
Pvt. Sidney H. Lee, Army, David A. Lee, Marlboro St, McColl.
Pvt. John M. McDowell, Jr, Army, John M. McDowell, Sr, Railroad Ave, McColl.
Pvt. Clarence L. Oliver, Army, Mary I. Oliver, 1207 Fourth Ave, Conway.
Pfc. Langford Rabon, Army, Daniel A. Rabon, Rt. 1, Lugoff.
Pvt. Bennett M. Reynolds, 214 Fayetteville Ave, Bennettsville.
S/Sgt. Thomas C. Rivers, Army, Mary Rivers, Rt. 1, Cheraw.
Pvt. Cleney Rogers, Jr, Army, Rebecca L. Rodgers, 64 S. Church St, Bishopville.
Sgt. Frank L. Truesdale, Army, Ruth Truesdale, 1907 Mill Village, Winnsboro.