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NAME: Kevin L. Privette
DATE: Sep 27 1999
SURNAMES: Harrell, Privette
QRYTEXT: I am looking for info regarding Katie HARRELL b. 1834 m. Jacob Bowman PRIVETTE. I think her mother is named Miranda. She may be related to Spencer HARRELL of Darlington.


Will of John Harrell
Through The Good Will Of God Amen

I John Harrell of the State of North Carolina and County of Wayne 
Being in body Crazy and sickly But I Bless God in perfect Mind and 
Memory Do make This My last will and Testament in Manner and Form 
As followeth Viz--------
First I give and Bequeath Unto My son John Harrell One Young Horse
Called Sweeper to him And his heirs for ever------
Secondly I give And Bequeath Unto My son Spencer Harrell The Colt 
With The Mare Caled Fancy Cairy At This Time to him And his heirs
for ever------
Thirdly------I Give and Bequeath Unto My Beloved Wife Elizabeth Harrell
All My lands And Tenements And all The Rest of My Stock Household 
Goods And furniture During her life------
And After her Death to be equally Divided Amongst My Children---
And I do hereby Constitue And Appoint My Afores'd Wife Elizabeth and
My Son Elisha Harrell and my son John Harrell The Whole And sole
Exete'rs of This My last Will and Testament Desiring Them to pay all
My Just Debts And Receive All perquests Due to Me in Witness Whereof 
I have here unto Set my hand And Seal This 19th October 1793
Signed Sealed and                                        John X  Harrell  {Seal}
Del'd in presence of                                         mark

Lambert Thomas
Samuel M Kinson
Milla X Turner

Recorded in Will Book B. No. 2 Page 1 (Will Book 2)
Recorded 11th August 1803

Wm Zimmerman
Ordinary D. D. 
Apt. A, Pkg. 349
Will of Lewis Harrell
In the Name of God Amen.  I Lewis Harrell of the District of 
Darlington and State of South Carolina being under bodily affliction
but of sound mind and memory calling to rememberance that
all men are mortal do make and ordain this my last will and

First, I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body 
to the grave to be buried in a decent Christian manner as my
beloved Wife and my Executors may direct.

Item after all my just debts are paid I unto my beloved Wife
Milissa lend all my Estate not herein after willed otherwise,
during her widowhood and should she remain my widow during her
life, i. e., four negroes, Jular, Herculas, Jim and Anica and their
increase, also Horses, stock & furniture.

Item. I hereby will and direct to be sold the Bass Plantation
lying in this district also the Green and Mrs. Smith's plantation
lying in Marion district, One fourth of the purchase to be paid by
installment, taking bonds for the different payments and a note
with each bond for the int. to be paid when due also a mortgage
of the Land as a security until all is paid, as much of the 
interest of one half said property when sold or rents received until 
sold for the same as is necessary to be applied to the support
of my beloved wife who is pregnant and should a living child male
or female be born unto me he or she together with my wife, I direct
to have as much of said interest in addition to the property given
her fo rlife or widowhood as may be necessary for their support and 
the support and education of the child.

Item.  Should my beloved Wife's expected child, male or female be
born alive in that case the Lands to be sold or the amount to be
received for them and the property given to my Wife during her
natural life or her widowhood to be equally divided between my dear
daughter Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth and said child male or female 
and in case my wifes expected child dies before he or she is of 
age or dies without a lawful issue in that case he or she share
of the aforesaid property hereby given him or her I herby will and
bequeath to my daughter, Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth and in case
my daughter Sarah Ann Elizabeth should dies before of age or
has a lawful issue in that case I will and bequeath all the amount
hereby bequeathed her to William Latta or his heirs.  And lastly
I nominate and appoint William Latta or his nominated successor
Executor to this my last will & testament 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand affirced my seal
 this fifteenth day of May Eighteen hundred & twenty two and 40th
Year of American Independence.

Test.  John Henry                                   L Harrell {seal}
David Large

Recorded in Will Book 4 page 97
Recorded October 6th, 1823
Geo Bruce Ordinary D. D.
Apartment A, pkg. 348
Will of Spencer Harrell
South Carolina}            In the name of God Amen.  I Spencer Harrell
Darlington District}       of the State of South Carolina and District
of Darlington being infirm in body but of a Sound mind and memory
thank God for the same and Calling to mind the mortality of the 
body do make this instrument to Contain my last will and testament
in manner following in the first place I commend my Soul to God
who gave it as touching my worldly estate as it hath pleased God
to bless me with in this life I dispose of in the following manner
vis I lend to my wife Sophiah during her natural life the Tract of Land
on which I now live containing three hundred Acres more or less also
as many Negroes of her choice as three of her neighbors men of her
own choice may deem necessary for her support during her life also
as many Horses Hogs Cattle and Stock of every kind with Farming
utensiales and household and kitchen furniture as those neighbors
shall think requisit for her support and comfort during her natural life 
also one years provisions all the remaining property to be appraised 
or sold and the monies divided as shall hereafter be discribed in the
first place I have deeded to my Daughter Helena a Tract of Land which 
I value at Twelve Hundred Dollars to my Daughter Rhoda I have deeded a 
tract of land I value at Seven hundred Dollars to my daughter in law Nancy
Harrell a tract of land I value at Seven hundred Dollars to my son S. W. 
Harrell I have deeded a tract of land which I value at One thousand Dollars 
to my son Ira M. Harrell I have deeded a tract of land which I value at 
Seven Hundred Dollars to my son T. G. Harrell I have deeded a tract of 
land which I value at One thousand dollars to my daughter Ann Mariah
I have deeded a tract of land which I value at One Thousand dollars now
my desire that at my death all my property remaining after my wifes portion
is assigned her be devided in such a manner as to give each one of my
children an equal portion in the first place these heirs whos lands are
values at seven hundred and One thousand dollars shall be made equal with
that of Helen which is valued at twelve hundred if there should not be enough 
left to make the delinquent heirs equal with the best then Rhoda & Martin
shall be made equal with those valued at One thousand and if there should
not be enough property to make up the delinquents at my death it shall be
made up to them at my wifes death I desire also that the heirs of my son 
Tarplay deceased viz Charles Spencer Sarah Martha Sintha and Harriett shall
 receive their fathers portion of my estate whos land was valued at seven 
hundred dollars or the land deeded to his widow Nancy Harrell and that my 
Executors shall if they shall deem it necessary expend for their education
such amount as may be necessary for their education of the money they the 
heirs of Tarplay shall receive their Fathers portion which all come in 
as one heir lastly I do nominate constitite and appoint my Sons S. W. Harrell
and Ira M. Harrell Executors of this my last will and testament in witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this the Eight day of
 October in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty five 
and in the 69 year of american independence 
Test  {Jas Oats                                     Spencer Harrell {Seal}
      { Benjamin Clements
      { Samuel Andrews

Recorded in Will Book 10 Page 117
Recorded 7th December 1846
Ervin R. Brunson Ordinary D. D.
Apartment R Pkg. 404