The Discovery

At a recent program, one of the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans camp 1610 brought an original roster of Co. E, 6th S.C. Infantry Regiment. The document is in possession of his brother, an antiques collector. Over thirty years ago, the brother purchased an old desk which had several drawers which could not be opened. Over the years, the drawers were eventually opened and the contents included the roster, several booklets related to the author's experience during the war, a story on the Battle of King's Mountain in which his ancestor had participated, and many letters written while the author was in camp and, later, in a field hospital where he was recovering from an amputation of his leg. The author was Elihu W. Cannon, 1st Lieutenant of the 6th, from Darlington County. The Sons of Confederate Veterans camp 1610 wishes to transcribe the roster and present the information to the Darlington County US GENWEB site to aide family researchers.

Notes by the Transcriber about the Company E roster

Handwritten entries are in (parenthesis). It is believed E.W. Cannon is the author of the handwritten notes. In letters to his family, he identifies himself as Adjutant.

[Bracketed] entries denote illegible words which are the TRANSCRIBER's interpretation.

There are no entries in the AGE or WOUNDED (W) columns.

* indicates additional data is recorded for the entry. See data below.

Killed in Battle column: Gainey, Wiley...Spottsylvania has been crossed through and WILDERNESS handwritten above the entry.

Died of Wounds column: McCuthen, G.H. (George)...Richmond, Va. has been crossed through and AT HOME handwritten above the entry.

D.O.W. column: McCoy, R.M. (Robb)...Wounds is followed PETERSBURG in handwritten entry.

D.O.W. column: Peebles, A.S...the full typeset entry reads: IN FIELD HOSPITAL NEAR CHATTANOOGA.

Died of Disease column: Coker, Hugh...RICHMOND is handwritten above Hospital, Va. 1862 typeset entry.

D.O.D. column: Coker, Josiah F. Typeset entry reads Disease 1863 with handwritten entry reading AT HOME and the date is changed to 1862.

D.O.D. column: Crowley, Alex L....Tn. has been crossed through and GA. has been handwritten.

D.O.D. column: Hudson, Jesse...handwritten entry reads FIELD HOSPITAL.

In Prison column: Ellis, H.H. (Henry)...typeset entry "In Prison" has been crossed through with pencil.

Close of Service column: Joy, Francis E...typeset entry "Surrendered 1865" has been crossed through with pencil.

Remarks column: McLeod, Wm. J...typeset 1863 changed to 1861 with pencil.

Remarks column: Coker, D.C...typeset entry changed to read: Captured while looking for wounded after battle of Seven Pines.

Remarks column: Hill, J.D... wounded (illegible) Station may read Campbell's Station.

Transcription by Steve Stacey
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp 1610
Monroeville, Alabama

Thanks to the Chandler family and the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1610, Monroeville, Alabama for sharing this document with the descendents of these soldiers.

Roster - Co. E, 6th SC Infantry Regiment

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