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Fountain Inn High School

Greenville, SC

History, romance and tradition centered around the ancient inns, once a familiar part of our national life.  Few records have been preserved to tell the story of this period in South Carolina history.  In early years a narrow, winding road with no grading, few bridges and innumerable gullies connected Charleston with Asheville, NC and the country beyond.  Along this road traveled the state, the sole link with the outside world, drawn by splendid horses.  At intervals were small inns, mostly log cabins in early days.  The "inn" was a popular gathering place for men.

   Near the McGee branch was a little hostelry with a bold spring of water in its front yard, which gushed up in a spout two feet high (as told by Mrs. Elizabeth Massey, daughter of Zion Massy, the first keeper of the inn).  Travelers began to call this hostelry the "Inn with the Fountain" and that eventually became the Fountain Inn."

 Soon after the war between the states, Mr. Noah Cannon came to this section and bought up land which he divided and sold tracts of land.  By 1886, the village had grown up at the present site and was chartered December 24, 1886.  It might have been called "Cannonville", but the association with the old Inn was too strong and the village was named Fountain Inn.  On August 30, 1886 the C and WC railroad established passenger service with its first train service through the village.  In 1912 the charter was surrendered and the town was incorporated.  Since that day it has grown to its present status with good schools, churches, and several industrial plants.

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