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Slater-Marietta High School
Home of the Green Wave     -      Marietta, SC

    So began a dream.  The hopes, plans, and aspirations of the people, all combined to make a reality - a school uniting the community.  The history of our school shows the determination and greatness of our community.

    The first school to be remembered was the Will Batson home.  It had been a small school of the lower grades, but no high school.  Most of the students had to go to North Greenville Academy for their high school education or Six Mile Academy near Clemson.

    Starting in the early 1920's, the Marietta school was located on Talley Bridge Road.  The square box building had Mr. Shelton as the principal and three teachers, Mrs. Southerlin, Ms. Hung, and Ms. Hamilton.  Several grades were contained in one room.  Enrollment was round forty-five students, embracing the surrounding communities of Table Rock, Caesar's Head, Cleveland, Marietta, Slater, and Shiloh.

    This tiny school evolved into a multi-grade new building, located between Slater Mill and Marietta.  Students up to the tenth grade were provided a basic education with the opportunity of some extra curricular activities.  After tenth grade, students could attend North Greenville or Travelers Rest to graduate.  The building was used for grades first through tenth until approximately 1935.  At this time, grades eight through eleven had to go to Slater Hall until a high school was provided.  In the fall of 1949, the enrollment was so great in the elementary school that four classrooms were also moved to Slater Hall.

    The Slater Plant, which then under Nelson Slater, great grandson of Samuel Slater, started the project of a new school.  The total cost of the program would be $200,000.  But the community pledged money out of their paychecks and contributed approximately $19,500.  Slater Plant paid for the remainder of the cost in three major donations.  Ten acres of land were purchased from Mr. Henry A. Batson, who cut his price because it was to be used for a school institution.  Therefore, when the gymnasium was built, it was appropriately named Batson Gymnasium in his honor.  Later thirteen additional acres were bought from Mr. L. O. Baker.

    Thus, the school began construction in September of 1950 and was completed in September of 1951.  The dedication took place on December 20, 1951 and shortly after, the school became alive with students in grades 7 - 12.  The stage in the gym was meant to be temporary, slated to become a larger auditorium when additional funds were obtained.  However, fate intervened and the county consolidated schools, becoming one Greenville County school district.  The new district did not finance improvements at this time, so the original building remained as originally constructed.  The small school prospered, turned out doctors, lawyers, environmentalists, teachers, ministers and many other worthy professional people.

    However, through the years, reasons for consolidation of Slater-Marietta High and Travelers Rest High became more and more evident, and finally the change became necessary.  In 1973, the high school was closed and the 1974 classes went to Travelers Rest High.  The old Slater-Marietta High School was torn down, except for the gymnasium.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  A new elementary school was constructed on the site and remained until the fall of 2002 when the roof supports were found to be faulty and the entire school population had to be moved out of the building for safety.  Temporarily, primary grades k5-2 were housed at Heritage Elementary School and intermediate grades went to Northwest Middle School.  Four-year-olds were placed at Gateway Elementary.  Three weeks after moving, SlaterMarietta Elementary became a village of thirty-four portables on the property adjacent to Heritage.  The old building on Slater Road was torn down except for the gymnasium again.  Construction began on a brand new elementary school in November of 2002 and completed in the fall of 2003.
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