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Welcome High School
Greenville, SC

Welcome High Vocational Building
Welcome High School

From Ronald Corn:  Courtesy of William "Bill" Cartee and Anita Hudson
July 12, 2007

"Mr. Cartee – I have research as much as I can find on Welcome [High School].  I did find some pictures in the archive files of which I have attached.  I did find out that in February 1954 a request was made to our Board for a new 20-classroom Junior/Senior High School for grades 7-12 and an enrollment of 650 in the White Horse Road Area (Carolina HS).  The reason:  650 kids were enrolled in the White Horse Road Area and the area served the former West Gantt High School, the former Westville High School and the present Welcome High School. Welcome High School's building was limited in facilities and overcrowded. It contained 13 improvised classrooms and expansion of the building was not possible on the existing site.  I could not find what happen to the old high school, i.e., when it was demolished?  I do know that Carolina HS opened in 1955, so that is probably the year that Welcome closed.  I did call the Greenville News and they have old archive articles on micro-film which can be researched at the downtown library.  Don’t know if you have tried that.  I wish our older records were more thorough."


Former Clemson Basketball Coach Bobby Roberts graduated from Welcome High School.
Passed away June 22, 2002 at 74 years of age.

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