Lancaster County

Over the years, I have dug into my roots and committed most to computer files. The results is data that I feel may be worthwhile to otHers.
This site is the earliest census in the county. I have dealt with eash different and each is complete to an extent.
The pages are filled with data that is not correct as we know it today. The census takes were not well paid and the ability to read and write was barely a require,emt. Add onto that transcribition pronlems (from film to paper to computer to web) and you can appreciate the problem. Take this as a guide to looking ar the fiche yourself and deciding what is correct to you.
If you would like to expand upon this work for expansion of this site, contact me and we can discuss it,

1790 Census
1800 Census
1810 Census
1850 Census
1860 Census
1870 Census
1880 Census ( Mormon Church )

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