Lancaster County, SC

Federal 1810 Census


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Census Day, August 6, 1810 Authorizing Legislation The authorization act for the third census stipulated that an assistant marshal must actually visit each household, or the head of each family, within his designated enumeration district and should not rely on hearsay or the like to complete his count.

An act of May 1, 1810 amended the earlier authorizing legislation to require that, while they were collecting demographic data, assistant marshals also collect available economic data. These men recorded the "several manufacturing establishments and manufactures within their several districts, territories, and divisions." The marshals transmitted the manufacturing data to the secretary of the treasury at the same time they sent the results of the population enumeration to the secretary of state. No schedule was prescribed for the collection of industrial data and the nature of the inquiries were at the discretion of the secretary of the treasury. Because of this, the collection of manufacturing data was so erratic that it was generally considered useless except to identify broad industrial trends.


The questionnaire in 1810 provided space to separately tally Free White males and females in several age categories
under 10 years
10 but under 15 years
16 but under 25 years
25 but under 45 years
over 45 years
All other free persons

Indians, slaves, and free blacks were listed in single categories undivided into age groups.

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