Lancaster County, SC

Federal 1860 Census


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TownShips (From-To Household)
  Jacksonham (1-89)
  Craigsville (90-126)
  Curetons Store (127-180)
  Bellair (181-269)
  Lancaster C H (270-475)
  Long Street (476-526)
  Flint Ridge (527-622)
  Wild Cat (623-736)
  Hickory Head (737-979)
  Pleasant Hill (980-1154)
  Lancaster C H (1155-1210)

Census Day was June 1, 1860

Authorizing Legislation

The 1850 Census Act was the authorizing legislation for the 1860 census. That act had stipulated that, according to the recommendation of the secretary of the interior, its provisions were to be adhered to for all future decennial censuses if no new authorizing legislation was passed by January 1 of the year in which the census was required.