Beulah Methodist Church
Dillon County, SC

BRIEF HISTORY by Victoria Proctor

Originated as Ivey's Methodist Church near Clio, Marlboro County. In 1885, the church divided with Ivey's moving into Clio, and the new church, Beulah, moving east on the road to Little Rock, now S.C. Hwy. 9, about one-half mile west of the old Marion County line. George McPherson Boyd was the first pastor of the church, which continued to function at its Marlboro County site until 1922. On November 8, Elizabeth S. Stackhouse donated one-half acre of land near Minturn to P.L. Bethea, M.F. Edwards, and J.L. Stanton, Sr., trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In 1924, Beulah moved into a brick building on this site. However, as changes in population and other factors caused the membership to dwindle, the church was discontinued in 1936 and its members transferred to St. Paul's at Little Rock. J.H. Justus was the last pastor of this church, whose membership was 165 at the turn of the century.
--Source: Stokes, "The History of Dillon County, South Carolina"

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