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1844John C. Bethea, C. J. Crawford, Barfield Moody
1846C. J. Crawford, William Evans, W. W. Harllee
1848William Evans, James Haselden, James R. Bethea
1850George J. Meyers, D. J. McDonald, William B. Rowell
1852 William S. Mullins, W. W. Durant, William R. Johnson
1854 William S. Mullins, William R. Johnson, William B. Rowell
1856 William S. Mullins, John N. McColl, Levi Legette
1858 William S. Mullins, R. G. Howard, Nathan Evans
1860 William S. Mullins, R. G. Howard, David W. Bethea
1862 William S. Mullins, R. F. Graham, E. T. Stackhouse
1864 William S. Mullins, R. F. Graham, E. T. Stackhouse
1866 William S. Mullins, R. F. Graham, E. T. Stackhouse
1868W. S. Collins, B. A. Thompson, Ebben Hayes, E. M. Stoeber
1870Joel Allen, F.A. Miles, T.R. Bass, John C. Sellers
1872B. A. Thompson, Ebben Hayes, E.H. Gourdin, John W. Johnson
1874R. G. Howard, A.H. Howard, W.A. Haynes, W.D. Johnson
1876John G. Blue, James McRae, R.H. Rogers, J.P. Davis
1878John G. Blue, R.H. Rogers, W.M. Davis, T.C. Moody
1880John G. Blue, John M. Johnson, William A. Brown, A.A. Myers
1882B.F. Davis, W.J. Montgomery, J.F. Pierce, J.W. Smith
1884John G. Blue, J.G. Haselden, W. McD. Alford, W.A. Brown
1886D.F. Miles, L.S. Bigham, James Norton, J.F. Bethea
1888D.F. Miles, R. G. Howard, E.D. Carmichael, E.B. Smith
1890D. McIntyre, D.W. McLaurin, James Norton
1892 D.W. McLaurin, W.A. Oliver, L.B. Rogers
1894 D.W. McLaurin, James E. Ellerbe, J.D. Haselden

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