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DAVIS Family

The name Davis is very common, and is met up with in almost every section of the county. In Marion County, it is very numerous in name and in its connections. The first appearance of it here was about 1735, in Britton's Neck, where a colony form England came and settled about Old Neck (now) Methodist Church. This was four years before John Wesley made the move in England, as the basis of the Methodist Church in the present day, both in Europe and America. One of that colony was a Davis - what the given name was is unknown... The writer has made every effort possible to trace this family down from him to the present generation, but has not been able to find and obtain. First from William J. Davis and wife, Susan B Davis - the latter was a Miss Davis before her marriage, no relation to her husband (if any, it is very remote). William J. Davis' grandparents (maternal) were Baker and Evans; his paternal grandparents were Harry David and McCants. His father was named John Davis, called "Jackie Davis," married Miss Susannah Baker. He had four children, two sons, Eli or Elihu and William J., and two daughters, Laura or Louisa.

Another branch of this large and numerous family remains to be noticed - that of David Davis. He was one of the old Davis', a brother of Harry, Sr., or Harry, Jr., Jackey and James. David Davis had two sons and may be others. The sons were Frank and Henry.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.

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