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Henry Easterling to Thomas Price

Henry Easterling    } This Indenture made the first day of Febuary in the year of
To Thomas Price } our lord One Thousand Eight hundred and in the 24th Year of the Independence of the united States of America, I Henry Easterling of Marion District and State of South Carolina of the one part and Thomas Price of Marion District in the State of South Carolina of the Other part Witnesseth that I the said Henry Easterling for and in consideration of the Sum of Sixty pounds Sterling of the State aforesaid to me in hand well and truly paid by Thomas Price before the Envesting and Delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself thence fully Satixfied Contented and paid have Given Granted and by there presents presence Give Grant bargain Sell (?)over and Confirm unto the said Thomas Price his heirs & assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land Containing Thre hundred and Thirty four Acres held by the power of two Deeds One bearing Date the fourteenth day of October one Thousand and Seven hundred and Ninty Six the Other bearing Date the 16th day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Six One from Shadrack Rogers to Henry Easterling Sen r lying in the District aforesaid One lying Situated on the Maple Bay and the Elm near little Pee Dee Encluding a plantation the same being part of a tract of Six hundred and Sixty Acres of land which was Granted to the said Shadrach Rogers the Grant bearing Date the third day of March 1788 the two hundred and Thirty four Acres hereby transferred to the Said Henry Easterling is laid out as follows Beginning at a large pine a Corner on the Mane Road Running South towards the East thirty nine (?) by a line of mashed(?) trees Nearly across from the Original Survey to a lightwood stake a Corner all that part lying to the east and NoEast of the said dividing line Next to the Elm fork Branches under the limits of the said plat Originally is the part hereby Bargained and Sold unto Thomas Price with the Other lying and being in the District aforesaid Situate on the SoWest Side of little Peedee on Shealeys Mile branch the same being the whole of One hundred Acres of land which was Granted to Elias Rogers by his Excellency Thomas Pickney Esquire Govenor the Grant bearing Date the 5th of March 1787 hath such shape as are Represented by a plat to the Original Grant Annexed To have and to hold all and Singular the The said three hundred and Thirty Four Acres of land together with al and Singular the priviledges prorerty Improvements and Apperternances to the Same belonging or in anywise appertaining to the Said Thomas Price his heirs and assigns foreve And I the Said Henry Easterling me and my heirs and assigns Doth Covenant promise and agree to and the Said Thomas Price his heirs and assigns that the Right and title of the said land and premises against all and every person or persons Whatsoever they will warrant and Defend unto the Said Thomas Price his heirs and assigns forever from any and all Incumbrances whatsoever In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and Date first Written,

Signed Sealed & Delivered In the presence of us

John Easterling  }
      her        }                         Henry Easterling
Olive  1  Jones  }                               (SEAL)
      mark       }


State of South Carolina Marlborough District

Personally appeared John Easterling who being duly sworn says on his Oath that he was present and did see Henry Easterling sign seal and Deliver as his act and deed, the Within instrument of Writing for the use and purpose therein Mentioned and that himself and Olive Jones in the presence of Each other Witnessed the Due Execution thereof, Sworn to & assigned before me this 28th day of July 1800

Wm Easterling J.P.         John Easterling


State of South Carolina Marlborough District,

Wm Easterling on of the Justices of the Quorum for the District aforesaid Do hereby Certify to all Whom it may Concern that Elizabeth Easterling the wife of the Within Named Henry Easterling did this day appear before me and upon being privately Separately Examined by me did Declare that she does freely voluntarily Without any Compultion Dread or fear of any person or persons Whomsoever denounce Release and forever Relinquish unto the Within Named Thomas Price all her Intence(?) Land Estate and also her Right and Claim of in or to all and Singular the promises within Mentioned and Released, Certified into my hand and Seal this 28th July in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred_ _ _ _ _

Wm Easterling J.Q.                             Elizabeth     X     Easterling

Recorder 2nd of March 1802 and Examined by Sam Cooper Clk


Transcribed from book B page 38

Submitted by Al Munden, 14 Jul 2006

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