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Sheriff to Uriah Flowers

Marion Co., South Carolina
Deed Book E, pg. 5 & 6

Transcribed from FHC Microfilm 0024121

Sheriff					State of South Carolina
Uriah Flowers    
	This indenture made the fourth day of March in the year of our Lord 
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Six and in the thirty fourth year of the 
Independence of the United States of America Between Saml S Savage Sheriff of 
Marion District of the one part and Uriah Flowers of the other part  Whereas 
Nathan Butler became lawfully siezed in his demesne as of Fee and possession 
of and in a certain tract or parcel of land containing One Hundred and Eighty 
acres situated in the District of Marion North Side of Bear Swamp bounded line 
running NW by lands granted to Samuel Edwards and William Butler land SE by 
Rhesa Olissery land and lands granted to Edward Campbell and South by vacant 
land.  And whereas the said Natan Butler became indebted unto the admr & admx 
of John Chisholm a Debt which remained unpaid.  For recovery whereof the said 
Admr & Admx aforesaid in the Court of Common Pleas before the Associate Judge 
of the said Court did obtain Judgment against the said Nathan Butler for 
Twentyfive dollars being the condition of the above debt together with the 
Interest that had accrued thereon and also twenty Dollars for the damage and 
costs expended in prosecuting their suit in that behalf  In pursuance of which 
judgment there issued out of the said Court a writ of Fiere Facias directed to 
all and singular the Sheriff of the said State commanding them and every of 
them without delay that of the Goods and Chattles Houses Land and other 
heridretrements and real estate of the said Nathan Butler they should be levied 
the sum of twenty-five Dollars as also the sum of twenty dollars for the damage 
which they had obtained by reason of the detention of the said debt.  By virtue 
of and in Obediance to the said writ of Fiere Facias He the said Sam S. Savage 
Sheriff aforesaid did enter in and take into Execution the tract of land before 
mentioned and after siezure thereof and the same being duly advertised at Marion 
Court House and Elsewhere for publick Sale by the said Saml S Savige Sheriff 
aforesaid did on the day of the date of these presents for and in satisfaction 
of the aforesaid judgments and writ of Fiere Facias and the Incidental costs and 
charges due thereon Sell and dispose of the above described land to the said 
Uriah Flowers for the sum of twentyfive dollars he at that being the highest 
and last bidder for the same.  Now this indenture witnesseth that the said 
Saml S Savage Sheriff aforesaid for and in consideration of the Sum of twentyfive 
dollars to Him in hand paid by the said Uriah Flowers at or before the sealing 
and delivery hereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Granted, bargained 
and sold and by these presents do Grant bargain and sell unto the said Uriah 
Flowers all of the tract of land above mentioned To have and to Hold the said 
Land together with the buildings Heredetraments Rights members and appurtenances 
hereto respectively belonging or in any way appertaining with the Rents affairs 
and profits thereof unto the said Uriah Flowers & heirs and assigns forever.  
In witness whereof the said Saml S Savage Savage Sheriff of Marion District 
aforesaid hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day & year first above written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered			Sam S Savage. Shrff M.D.
    In presence of
K Colson
A Johnson
		South Carolina}
		Marion District}
I Andrew T Johnson do Certify that I was personally present and saw the within 
named Saml S Savage late shf of Marion District Sign seal and as his act and 
did deliver the within Instrument of writing unto Uriah Flowers for the use 
and purpose therin mentioned also that John Colson was the other subscribing 
witness with himself
Solemly Certified by me
This 18 February 1809
	A Johnson QU
Recorded 18 Feb 1809

Submitted by Wileda Prejean, 17 Sep 2000

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