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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1856

Compiled by Victoria Proctor, 2002

Published Every Tuesday Morning at Marion C.H. (Court House), South Carolina,
C.W. Miller, Editor, and V. Little, Proprietor.

NOTE: These genealogical extracts represent but a portion of what's available and of interest in the newspaper. If you have access to issues published 1852-1923, please consider transcribing articles to share here.

"Inst." stands for "instant" and means "in this month" (date of issue)
"Ult." stands for "ultimo" and means "of previous month" (from date of issue)

Vol. I, No. 1 (first issue) was published May 4, 1852.


Married on the 3rd of January, 1856, by Rev. William Smith, Dr. G. W. A McCrae of Florida to Miss Fanny M. McCloud of Sumter (Jan. 29, 1856.)

Died at his residence in Sumter District, on Monday, Dec 24th, 1855, after a protracted illness, Thomas B. White, he has been a member of the M. E. Church for a number of years (ibid.)

Died in this place, February 7th, Jehu GODBOLD, son of Mrs. Ann Godbold, in the 45th year of his age (Feb 19, 1856).

Departed this life, at the residence of J. H. Moody, February 3d, Mrs. Ann Finklea, at the advanced age of 68 years. (ibid.)

Married on the 14th inst., by the Rev. E. Hicks, Mr. Thos. G. AVANT to Miss Martha THOMPSON, all of this District (Feb 16, 1856).

Died in Georgetown, February 27th, 1856, in the fifty-first year of her age, Mr. Elizabeth Gasque, wife of J. W. Gasque, Esq. She was the daughter of the late Philip Kirton. (Mar 18, 1856).

Married on the 20th instant, by Rev. Hugh Moody, Mr. Job Stevens to Miss Louisa Robbins, all of this District (Mar 25, 1856).

Married on the 17th of April, 1856, in Britton's Neck, by G. W. Woodberry, Esq, Eli Foxworth to Miss Elizabeth Cook, all of this District (May 6, 1856).

Died at the residence of Mrs. Jane B. Evans in this place, on the 30th of June, Mrs. Isabella C. Evans, wife of Beverly D. Evans, Esq, aged 18 years and six months...scarce eight weeks a wife, and on a bridal visit to her connections by marriage. (July 8, 1856).

Died in this village on the morning of the 30th June, Fredonia Leroy, daughter of James H. and Mary L. Smith, aged 3 years, 6 months, and 29 days (ibid.)

Married on the 13th inst., by Rev. H. Moody, Mr. Nathan Rogers, to Miss Mary Jane, grand-daughter of Rev. Tapley Moody, deceased, all of this District (July 22, 1856).

Married on the 17th(?) inst., by the same, Mr. Nathan Myers, to Mrs, Catharine Taylor, all of this District (ibid.)

Married on the 31st ult., by Rev. C. H. Pritchard, Mr. H. H. McClenaghan to Miss Eloise, daughter of Dr. J. H. Jarrot, all of this District (Aug 5, 1856).

Died at his residence in this district, on the 21st ult., Mr. Henry Culpeper, age 74 years, 8 months, and 25 days, ... an active and consistant member of the Baptist Church. (ibid.)

Died at the residence of J. R. Bethea, the daughter of C. B. and Lebanon Haselden aged one year, one month, and 16 days (ibid. No name or date of death given.

Married by the Rev. T. M. Munnerlyn, on the 24th of July, Mr. Wm. Worde of Horry to Miss Mary A. Turner of this District (Aug 12, 1856).

Married by the same, on the 27th, Mr. J. C. Collins to Miss M. J. Dozier (ibid.)

Died at his residence in this District, on the 22d of July, Mr. James Wall, aged 52 years and 21 days (ibid.)

Died at his residence in this District, on the 4th inst., Mr. Washington Wall, age 43 years and three month (ibid.)

Died on the 5th August, inst., Thomas Crawford Bethea, infant son of Samuel J. and Elizabeth A. Bethea, aged one year, four months, and one day (ibid.)

Married on the 13th inst., at Vaux Hall, the residence of Rev. C. Betts, by Rev. C. H. Pritchard, Mr. John C. McClenaghan of this District to Miss Mary Betts of Geogetwon District (Aug 26, 1856).

Died in Georgetown, on the 16th inst., Mr. G. W. Richardson, formerly of Marion District, leaving a wife and four children to mourn his loss (ibid.)

Married at the residence of J. L. Smith, on the 17th inst., by Rev. S. J. Bethea, Dr. John J. Bethea to Miss Mary Jane Smith, all of this District (Sep 23, 1856).

Married on the 14th inst., by Rev. R. Edwards, Mr. E. Smith to Miss Mary Edwards, all of this District (ibid.)

Died at Carolina, Marion District, on the night of the 24th of August, Emma, infant daughter of Paisley and Martha J. Alford, aged 10 months and 12 days (ibid.)

Married on the 17th inst., at Mr. Wm Turbeville, Sr., by G. W. Woobury, Esq, Capt. William Collins to Mrs. Francis Gaine, all of Marion District (Sep 30, 1856).

Married in Greenville District, on the 18th inst., by Prof. J. C. Furman, Mr. G. M. Myers of this District to Miss M. F. Benson of the former place (ibid).

Married on the evening of the 13th, at the residence of Col. James Beaty, by Rev. James Mahoney, James H. Norman, M. D., to Miss Carrie M. Beaty, both of Conwayboro, SC. (Nov 25, 1856).

Departed this life on the 7th inst., in Georgetown, SC, after a protracted illness of several months, Mr. R. W. Rowell, in his 29th year. For many years a member of the M. E. Church. (ibid.)

Married on the evening of the 26th, at the residence of Rev. E. B. Timmons, by Rev. R. Napier, Mr. T. LANE to Miss M. A. TIMMONS, all of this District (Dec 2, 1856)

Married on the evening of the 26th ult., by the Rev. C. H. Pritchard, Dr. S. M. Reynolds, to Miss M. A., daughter of Henry SINGLETARY of Marion District (Dec 9, 1856)

Died on the 25th ult., Mr. Benj. F. ROWELL, eldest son of W. L. Rowell, aged 20 years, 10 months, and 26 days (Dec 16, 1856. Signed D. A. G.)

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