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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1857

Compiled by Victoria Proctor, 2002

Published Every Tuesday Morning at Marion C.H. (Court House), South Carolina,
C.W. Miller, Editor, and V. Little, Proprietor.

NOTE: These genealogical extracts represent but a portion of what's available and of interest in the newspaper. If you have access to issues published 1852-1923, please consider transcribing articles to share here.

"Inst." stands for "instant" and means "in this month" (date of issue)
"Ult." stands for "ultimo" and means "of previous month" (from date of issue)

Vol. I, No. 1 (first issue) was published May 4, 1852.


Mar 31, 1857

Married on the 29th instant, by Rev. Hugh Moody, Mr. Barnabas Watson to Miss Sarah Ann Rogers, all of this District.

Richard Howard McIntyre was born on the 26th of January, 1832, at Marion village, and died on the 22d of March, at his farm near his birthplace. He was the eldest son of Archibald and Sophia McIntytre. His early youth, by the gentle severity of his parents and under the instruction of the Rev. T. R. Walsh, a rigid disciplinarian, was preserved from the suspicion of vice. While quite young, by appointment of the Hon. John McQueen, he proceeded to West Point, but soon tiring of the hard service in that academy, and feeling that his calling was to more peaceful pursuits, he left it, and passed some time in a literary school at Greensboro, NC. Returning thence to his home he commenced the study of medicine, and soon acquired the confidence and friendship of his instructor, Dr. J. R. McQueen. During the term of his attendance in the Charleston Medical College he was attacked with pneumonia.... In 1854, his health apparently restored, he married Miss A. McCall, and retired to his farm, where he passed his time in enjoyable repose, until interrupted by the unmistakable appearance of consumption. In October last during the session of Presbytery in this place he made an open profession of religion, connected himself with the Presbyterian Church... The winter which has just closed he spent in Florida, his friends cherishing the hope that it's mild and equable climate would stay the progress of his malady. He returned early in the present month and died a few days after reaching home. He leaves a bereaved widow, an infant son, the kindest of mothers, a large family connection.

Apr 14, 1857

Married on the 9th inst., by G. W. Woodberry, Esq, Mr. D. Biglow, to Miss Margaret A. McLellan, all of this District.

Apr 21, 1857

Our friend William Shackelford Bethea departed this life on the 13th of February, 1857, of Typhoid pneumonia ... (leaving) his aged and widowed mother, his afflicted wife, his orphaned children.

May 5, 1857

Married on the 23rd inst., by Rev. Elijah Hicks, M. L. Munn, Esq, and Miss Mary McNeill, all of this District.

Married in Britton's Neck, on the 23d inst., by G. W. Woodberry, Esq, Mr. John W. Lovele to Miss Mary R. Atkison, daughter of Ebenezer Atkison, all of Marion District.

May 12, 1857

Married on the 20th ult., by Rev. C. D. Rowel, Mr. James Pace to Miss Sarah Boatwright, all of this District .

May 19, 1857

Married on Cheraw, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. J. R. Pickett, J. F. Renard, Esq, of Charleston, SC, to Julia B., daughter of the late Brown Bryan of Cheraw .

June 2, 1857

Married on the evening of the 28th of May, by the Rev. David E. Frierson, Capt. J. J. Williamson to Miss Mary E., daughter of Wm. B. Baker, all of this District.

Died in this District, on the 25th May, very suddenly, William Finklea, son of Margaret Finklea, widow, in the 18th year of his age. He was a student at the Hofwyl Academy. He has left a widowed mother, a brother and three sisters.

We learn that a fatal affray took place in the Eastern part of Lancaster District, on Tuesday, 19th instant, between Jonathan B. Douglas and John W. Gregory, in which the later was stabbed with a knife and died instantly. Douglas has since made his escape, and a reward of two hundred dollars for his apprehension has been offered by Mr. Willis T. Gregory, a son of the deceased.

June 9, 1857

Died in this District, on the 22d ult., Mrs. Rebecca Rowell, late consort of David Rowell, aged seventy-five years, nine months, and fourteen days. Mrs. Rowell has been a consistent member of the Baptist Church for more than fifty years. She has left to mourn her departure a bereaved husband and seven children and fifty-two grandchildren .

Died near Marion, SC, June 1st, after protracted suffering, Lewton Capers, son of W. W. and Lizzie A. Braddy, aged 3 years and 24 days

June 30, 1857

Married in this place on Thursday evening, 25th inst., by Rev. D. J. Simmons, Capt. S. E. McMillan to Miss Mary A. Palmer, all of this place .

Aug 4, 1857

Died on the 29th of June last, in this District, Mr. John B. Wall, in the 27th year of his age. Also, on the same day, his wife, Mrs. E. J. Wall, aged about 19 years. Leaving an infant about one year old .

Departed this life, June 22d, at Fair Bluff, Columbus county, NC, Thomas Henry, son of Benj. M. and C. J. Williams aged 1 year and 22 days.

Aug 18, 1857

Mrs. Martha White, consort of Mr. A. C. White, departed this life on the 4th of August inst., in her thirty-first year. Some time in the year 1845, under the ministerial labors of the Rev. E. Leggett, she was awakened to a sense of her danger and united herself to the M. E. Church.

Aug 25, 1857

Died at Allen's Bridge, SC, at 11 o'clock, on Sunday night, the 16th instant, after a most excruciating illness, Ellen Eugenia, only child of William W. and Lizza A. Braddy, aged 13 months and 18 days .

Sep 1, 1857

Departed this life on the 23d August, Mary C. A. Richardson, infant daughter of Hardy M. and Tabitha Richardson, aged 3 years, 10 months, and 14 days

Sep 8, 1857

Married on the 27th August, by the Rev. Hugh Moody, at his residence, Mr. Hardy Johnson to Miss Mary Ann Bryant .

Married also, at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. Pinckney Bryant to Miss Charlotte Johnson. All of this District.

Sep 22, 1857

Married on Thursday, 17th Sep, by Riv. E. Hays, Mr. David Ellen to Miss Caroline Manship--both of Marion district .

Died in the village of Marion, on the 8th day of September, instant, after a brief and painful illness, Mrs. Mary A. Stevenson, consort of James N. Stefenson, in the 34th year of her age... Mrs. Stevenson about the year 1840 made a profession of religion and attached herself to the Methodist Church.

Departed this life, on the 19th inst., Crook, second son of Dr. A. S. and Mrs. Jane Leggett, in his ninth year.

Oct 20, 1857

Died on the 8th instant, Mary Louisa, daughter of Dr. D. and Mrs. E. J. Evans, aged one year, three months and twenty-one days .

Oct 27, 1857

Married on Thursday, the 22d inst., by David Gibson, Esq, Private W. D. Johnson of the Atchison Guards, to Miss Debora Shaw, daughter of Thomas Shaw, Esq, of Marion District .

Nov 3, 1857

Married on the 15th October, in Clarke county, Mississippi, by James W. Bass, Esq, Mr. Angus McDonald and Miss Catherine McQuaig, both formerly of this District.

Nov 10, 1857

Departed this life in the village of Fair Bluff, Columbus county, NC, on the morning of the 14th ult., of typhoid fever, Mr. James L. Mills, in the 36th year of his age. The subject of the above notice was born in Marion District, SC, came to this place when quite young, was for a length of time in the employment of the Messrs. Smith, and subsequently commenced business under the firm of Smith & Mills... He joined the M.E. Church in May, 1857, during a revival at this place conducted by the Rev. N. A. H. Goddin. He has left a wife, mother, brother, and sister.

Nov 17, 1857

Died in the village of Marion on the 1st instant, after a short illness, Miss Sarah Gregg, daughter of Robert J. Gregg... The deceased was for several years a member of the Methodist Church.. .

Nov 24, 1857

Departed this life on the 15th inst., Mrs. Rebecca Turbeville, wife of Mr. John Turbeville, of this District, in the 45th year of her age.

Dec 22, 1857

Married by the Rev. C. J. Fladger, on the 15th inst., Mr. W. W. Jackson of Darlington District to Miss Mary Ware, daughter of the Rev. N. Ware of Brownsville, Marlborough district .

Dec 29, 1857

Married on the 24th inst., by Rev. Hugh Moody, Mr. William Dillon to Miss Amanda Turbeville, all of this District .

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