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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1859

Compiled by Victoria Proctor, 2002

Published Every Tuesday Morning at Marion C.H. (Court House), South Carolina,
C.W. Miller, Editor, and V. Little, Proprietor.

NOTE: These genealogical extracts represent but a portion of what's available and of interest in the newspaper. If you have access to issues published 1852-1923, please consider transcribing articles to share here.

"Inst." stands for "instant" and means "in this month" (date of issue)
"Ult." stands for "ultimo" and means "of previous month" (from date of issue)

Vol. I, No. 1 (first issue) was published May 4, 1852.


Volume 7 Number 39 Tuesday January 18, 1859
Married on the 13th Jan 1859, by Rev. A. M. CHRIEZBERG, Hon. Benj. GAUSE, to Miss Susan E., daughter of Robt. J. GREGG, Esq., all of Marion District, SC.

Married on Thursday evening, the 6th inst., by Rev. J. M. WEAVER, Mr. James A. BROWN, to Miss Harriet E. HAM, all of Marion District.

Married on the 5th of January, by S. A. HARGROVE, Esq., Mr. J. H. Hays, to Miss Mary J. GEORGE, all of this District.

Married on the 11th of January, by Rev. C. J. FLADGER, Mr. Nicholas HORTON, to Miss Zeena Jane HAYS, all of this District.

Died EVANS, Woodson - January 10, 1859 at Citadel Academy, age 16 years.

Volume 7 Number 42 Tuesday February 8, 1859
Married on the 14th ult., by Rev. Hugh MOODY, Mr. Samuel THOMAS, to Miss Sara Thornhill, all of this District.

Married on the 6th inst., 1859 at the residence of the bride's sister, by Rev. Bond ENGLISH, Mr. John H. FLOWERS of Ala., to Miss Ann B. FLOWERS of this town.

Volume 7 Number 43 Tuesday February 15, 1859
Married on the 12th instant, by Rev Hugh MOODY, Mr. John MILLS, Esq., of North Carolina, to Miss Anna Eliza EDWARDS, of this District.

Died WILLIAMS, Mr. Lewis - February 5, 1859 in Britton's Neck, Marion District, age 27 years.

Volume 7 Number 46 Tuesday March 8, 1859
Married on the 3d inst., at Harlleesville, SC, by the Rev S. J. BETHEA, Mr. John THOMPSON, of Robeson county, NC., to Miss Elizabeth Ann HAMER, of Marion District, SC.

Married on the 3d inst., by Rev Mr. MURRY, Mr. Ibben HAYS to Miss Martha Ann MILES, all of this District.

Volume 7 Number 48 Tuesday March 22, 1859

Died PHILLIPS, Dr. William L. - March 6, 1859 - in the 27th year.

Volume 7 Number 52 Tuesday April 19, 1859
Married on the 7th inst., by Rev. W. C. SUTTEN, Mr. John C. MCINTYRE, to Miss Sara Ann CARMICHAEL, all of this District.

Married on the 31st ult., by Mr. MCDONALD, Mr. A. S. BOWIE of this District, to Miss Isabella MCNAIR of Robeson Co., NC.

Married on the 14th inst., by Rev. Mr. HEMMINGWAY, Mr. John A. COX of All Saints Parish, S.C. to Miss Martha A. WALL, of this District.

Volume 8 Number 1, Tuesday April 26, 1859
Died GRICE, Wade H. - April 18, 1859 - at Little Pee Dee, Marion District, age 48 years, 2 months and 18 or 19 days.

Died HARRALSON, F. G. March 22, 1859 near Paulding, Jasper County, MS, native of SC, age 32 years.

NOTE: Remaining issues for this year through 1866 were unavailable at the Marion Public Library.

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