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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1873

January 1, 1873

Married on Dec. 29, 1872, David CAPPS to Miss Elizabeth COLLINS; both of Marion Co.

Robeson Co. - Last Monday, Henry BULLOCK, Sr. died, 3 months short of being 100 years old.

January 8, 1873

Mr. W. D. REEDER died in Newberry Co. on Dec. 22. Col. GRIFFIN lost a son and daughter within 2 weeks. Miss Lizzie BUTLER of Salada died on Dec. 30.

January 15, 1873

Died on 13th inst., Hugh, son of Mr. Ervin GODBOLD.

January 22, 1873

Mrs. Mary O. WILLSON, wife of John O. WILLSON, died last Sunday. Leaves husband and baby not quite a year old, mother, brother and sisters. [see below] Married Jan. 8, Mr. Albert MYERS of Marion, SC to Miss Virmie A. CORKFIELD, formerly of Louisiana.

Married on 16th inst., Mr. A. NICHOLSON to Miss Laura MARTIN, daughter of Matthew MARTIN.

Died Jan. 19, Mrs. Mary O. WILLSON, aged 20 years, 5 months and 15 days, wife of John O. WILLSON and daughter of the late Wm. F. RICHARDSON. [see above]

January 29, 1873

Hon. B. E. SESSIONS, Horry Co., died in Conwayboro an 14th inst.

February 12, 1873

Died in Barnwell Co. on Jan. 21, Dr. Wm. Fishburne ROACH, aged 37.

Died Jan. 31, Mrs. Elizabeth BERRY, wife of Dennis BERRY, aged 77 years. Survived by husband.

February 19, 1873

Noah SUTTON was killed last week.

Married on Feb. 2, Mr. David SHELLEY to Miss Susan WILLIAMSON. Both of Marion Co.

Died on 15th inst., George Madison, infant san of J. W. and Sarah Francis SMITHY.

February 26, 1873

Mrs. Mary DENNIS of Conwayboro died on Feb. 16.

Mrs. Emily STEWART, wife of the late Dr. J. A. STEWART, and daughter of Mr. Sarmiel FLEMING of Laurens, died last Wednesday.

March 5, 1873

Col. Wm. BINGHAM died in Gainesville, FLA on Feb. 18, about 37 years old.

Married Feb. 27, Mr. C. W. SHELLY to Miss M. A. R. BROWN.

March 12, 1873

Married an 10th inst, Mr. James D. MONTGOMERY to Miss Janie, eldest daughter of I. H. WATSON.

March 19, 1873

Robert GODDARD, colored, died last Thursday.

Mr. William M. GORDON and Capt. William L. BROWN, both of York, died on March 8.

Mr. J. H. CRAWFORD has also lost, by death, several small children.

Mr. John WYLIE, a blacksmith of Rack Hill, died on 8th inst.

Mrs. W. D. SIMPSON, of Chester, died on 8th inst.

March 26, 1873

Jerry WILLSON died on 3rd inst.

Mr. Silas RAY of Abbeville died on the 13th.

Mr. Thomas EAKIN of Abbeville died on the 14th.

Married on 9th inst., in Hillsboro Twp., Mr. James PRICE to Miss Mary HORN.

Married on the 20th inst., Mr. William LUPO to Miss Jane HORN.

Married on the 6th inst, Mr. Evander BARFIELD to Miss Martha PRICE.

April 2, 1873

Died the latter part of last week - Wm. S. CAMPBELL, Mrs. Amelia GASQUE, and Mrs. Job JONES.

Died on 28th ult, Mr. Wm. S. CAMPBELL, aged 71 years. [Note: obit of May 14, has 73 yrs]

Died on 28th ult, Mrs. Job JONES, aged about 79 years.

Died on 29th ult., Mrs. Amelia GASQUE, aged about 74 years.

April 9, 1873

Rev. Isaac NICHOLS, of Sumter, died on 27th ult.

Dr. H. J. ABBOTT, of Sumter, is dead.

Mr. Wm. O. OALMES of Newberry died on 24th ult, aged 23 years.

Mr. A. P. JONES of Edgefield died in Columbus, GA on Thursday.

April 9, 1873

Married on 18th ult. Mr. J. L. JARNIGAN to Miss Mary JONES. Both of Marion Co.

Married on 1st inst, Mr. Thomas LUNDY to Miss Sue DEW. Both of Marion Co.

April 16, 1873

Matilda, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George McINTYRE, died on 14th inst.

Capt. Gad CLARK, of Union, aged 76 years, died on 30th ult.

Married at ‘Sunnyside" Mars Bluff on Easter Sunday, F. G. COACHMAN of Georgetown to Mattie S., youngest daughter of Gen. W. W. HARLLEE.

Died near Fair Bluff, NC on the 4th inst., little Enos J. TART, youngest child of Eld. James H. TART [and Eliza S. TART, Enos’ mother], aged 18 months. [also in May 7 issue]

April 23, 1873

Married 15th inst., Mr. Marcus STACKHOUSE to Miss Mary LESTER. Bath of Marion Co.

Died in Carmichael Twp. on March 24, 1873, Mr. Alexander McARTHUR, aged 63 years.

Died in Carmichael Twp. on April 5, 1873, Mr. Alexander McPRIEST, aged about 87.

April 30, 1873

Died on 26th inst., Master Cyrus B. HAYS, son of Mrs. Mary Anne HAYS.

Mrs. Christiana DAVIS, who came to Columbia in 1821, from Somersetshire, Eng., died Wednesday, aged about 88 years.

Perry ANDREWS, colored, died last Friday.

Mr. J. E. PETERSON of Newberry Co. died on April 21.

Mr. Lawrence D. CLARK of Orangeburg Co., died at Lewisville last Friday.

Mr. Garland MENG of Union Co., died last Saturday.

Mr. C. H. DURAND of Beaufort since 1862, formerly of Boston, died Monday.

May 7, 1873

Telathea WALL, colored, gave birth to 3 boys a few days ago.

May 14, 1873

John A. TAYLOR of Wilmington, died last Sunday, aged 74 years and 6 months.

May 21, 1873

Coleman ALFORD, (Cal), died on the ]9th inst.

May 21, 1873

Married on 18th inst., Mr. Geo. HERRING to Miss Mary NORTON. Both of Marion Co.

Married on 14th inst., Mr. Peter ROGERS to Miss Mary ROGERS.

May 28, 1873

Died Sunday, 25th inst., near Little Rock, S.C., Mrs. D.W. BETHEA, aged about 36 years.

June 4, 1873

Mr. W. S. MCDIARMID, of Lumberton, drowned last week.

Died May 29, Master Evander M. DOZIER, son of J. T. and Ann DOZIER, aged 12 years.

Married on 1st inst, Mr. Thompson ANMONS to Miss Eliza AMMONS.

June 11, 1873

Hon. David L. WARDLAW died in Abbeville on 8th inst, aged 74 years.

Died in New Haven on 4th inst, Mrs. Laura A. WYMAN [?], wife of Capt. Jared E. LEWIS.

June 18, 1873

Mr. J. Eli GREGG died last Sunday, near Mars Bluff.

Died, Mr. Julius ROGERS on 11th inst, from typhoid fever.

June 25, 1873

Mrs. Sarah McMILLAN died June 20. Born Sept. 1798 and was 76 years old.

George WHEELER has died.

Dr. Peter WYLIE of Lancaster Co. died on 13th inst.

Died near Green Sea, S.C. on 10th inst., Duncan Daniel, son of Dr. Duncan B. and Sarah M. CAMPBELL, aged one year 6 months and 12 days.

July 2, 1873

Rev. A. M. CRIETZBERG married, at Newberry on 18th inst., Miss Hattie E. KILGORE.

Died Miss Elizabeth LOWRIMORE on June 20, aged 35.

[lengthy obit] Mrs. Sarah Jane BETHEA, wife of Capt. D. W. BETHEA, was born in Marlboro Co. on March 20, 1837 and died May 25, 1873.

Mary Edna, infant daughter of D. W. BETHEA, died June 13, 1873.

July 16, 1873

Willie L. BAKER, infant san of W. W. and Mrs. M. BAKER, died June 6, 1873, aged 13 months 3 days.

July 16, 1873

Died on 18th inst., Mrs. Ann Elizabeth GASQUE, wife of Mr. Archibald GASQUE, aged 58 years.

July 30, 1873

A. P. JOHNSON died yesterday.

August 6, 1873

Mr. Gadi BAILEY died last Friday.

Postmaster HOLLOWAY lost his only child last Sunday. Buried in Charleston.

August 13, 1873

[John R. McQuage tried to break out of jail.]

Married Aug. 12, Mr. Sal BENJAMIN of Ocala, Fla. to Miss Golda CRONHEIM of Marion.

August 20, 1873

D. J. WALKER, Esq. of Edgefield died last Sunday.

Mrs. L. F. BOES of Baston died in Newberry last Friday while visiting.

Charles E. ELIJAH, colored, of Greenville, drowned last Sunday.

Col. Jno. HILL, formerly of Edgefield Co., died July 28 in Marietta, GA.

August 27, 1873

Patrick FOSTER drowned last Friday near Columbia.

September 3, 1873

Last Saturday, Redding ROBERTS, aged 93 years, died. Soldier of 1812.

Drowned Aug. 21, Dr. W. A. DEAS.

Edgefield — Adams MINICK died last Friday, aged about 70.

[lengthy obit] Mrs. Ann Elizabeth GASQUE, born in Marion Dist., SC on June 15, 1815, married on Jan. 30, 1834, and died July 18, 1873. Leaves husband and 10 children.

August 30, 2-1/2 year old son of Rev. S. H. ELWELL died.

September 10, 1873

Mrs. Anna McFALL, widow of Samuel R. McFALL who fell in the battles around Richmond in 1862, died in Walhalla on Sept. 1. Buried at Bethel Church.

Mrs. NORTON, widow of Capt. Jeptha NORTON veteran of 1812, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. ALEXA.NDER, near Walhalla, on the 2nd. Buried at old Pickens, She was over 90 years old.

Mr. R. S. BENNETT was killed in Cincinnati on the 29th ult.

Mr. William PEARSON died last Monday at his residence 5 miles from Bennettsville.

Abbeville - Thomas Jefferson LIPSCOMB died last Friday. Leaves wife & children.

Darlington - Mrs. Blaney PARNELL died last Sunday.

Elijah WEBB of Anderson Co. died August 26.

September 17, 1873

Miss Harriett ELIMORE, daughter of the late F.H. ELU4ORE, died in Columbia on Monday.

September 24, 1873

Funeral for the late Wm. S. CAMPBELL to be at Ebenezer Church on the first

Sunday in October.

Wilhelmina NORCROSS married William STEPHEN in Columbia on Saturday.

October 1, 1873

Died yesterday of Typhoid fever, Mrs. James GRAHAM, aged about 63 years, wife of James GRAHAM, judge of probate, and mother of Hon. R. F. GRAHAM.

Edgefield - Mr. John DANIEL, native of N.C., was killed Sept. 18.

October 8, 1873

Robert LEE, colored, died Thursday in Augusta.

October 15, 1873

Married near Little Rock on Oct. 9, Mr. M. M. WATSON of Robeson Co., N.C. to Mrs. Sarah C. MCARTHUR of Marion, S.C.

October 22, 1873

Mr. Hugh ESLIP, oldest citizen of our town, died last Wednesday. November 5, 1873

Primus WHEELER, colored, was killed last Friday.

November 12, 1873

Dr. Maximilian LaBORDE has died. He was born June 5, 1804, and died Nov. 6, 1873. - "Phoenix"

Died at Lexington, VA last Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Custis LEE, relict of Robert E. LEE.

November 12, 1873

Miss Nancy HILLIARD died in Chapel Hill, N.C. last Saturday.

Married November 6, Mr. E. M. TART, formerly of Marion, S.C. to Miss W. E. COLEMAN of Columbus Co., N.e.

November 19, 1873

Mr. Isaiah PURSE died in Charleston on Thursday.

William HENRY of Florence has died.

Married Nov. 13, Mr. B. Haywood MYERS to Miss Anna J. BOSTICK.

November 26, 1873

Married in Cheraw, S.C. on Nov. 15, Mr. Hampton WADE to Mrs. Laura COVINGTON. Both of Richmond Co., N.C.

December 3, 1873

Children of the late W. C. BETHEA arrived here last Monday from New Orleans. Mr. Bethea died less than a year ago. His family consisted of wife and nine children. They were on their way to Texas. Mrs. Bethea and two of her children died at Marshall, Texas.

Married Nov. 27 in Rocky Point, N.C., R. J. GREGG, Jr. of Marion to Miss Mary B. McINTIRE.

Married November 27, Mr. J. F. FINGER to Miss Kittie FLOWERS.

Married November 27, Mr. D. M. NICHOLSON to Miss Angeline EDWARDS.

December 10, 1873

Gen. Alfred DOCKERY died at his residence in Richmond Co., NC last Wednesday, aged 76 years.

J. H. HAYES of Hog Swamp, Robeson Co., N.C., was killed last Saturday.

December 17, 1873

Deputy Sheriff W. B. PAGE was killed last Thursday.

December 24, 1873

The fourth wife of Mr. W. D. ADAMS died last week.

Married on 18th inst., Mr. J. J. TART to Miss Martha WHITTINGTON.

Married on 16th inst., Mr. Addison SNIPES to Miss Lou ROGERS.

Married 18th inst., LeGrand G. WALKER to Miss Kate, daughter of Rev. J. W. KELLY.

Married 16 inst, William EVANS to Miss Sue BERRY, daughter of Mr. Elihu BERRY.

December 24, 1873

Married on 4th inst, John Wesley LEWIS to Miss Addie POTTER.

Married on 17th inst, Job EDENS to Miss Mattie STACKHOUSE, daughter of Mr. J. C. STACKHOUSE.

Extracts contributed by Gloria Buckle
Edited and reformatted by Victoria Proctor, 2003.

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