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Extracts from The Marion Star, 1874

January 7, 1874

Evander S. BETHEA has died. He was an only son.

January 14, 1874

Married Dec. 24, 1873, William EDWARDS to Miss Lucinda PACE.

Married - J.S. FOXWORTH to Miss Sarah R. SPENCER.

January 21, 1874

[lengthy obit] Ellen Euphenia JONES, daughter of Fred D. and Euphenia C. JONES of Marion, S.C. died Nov. 2, 1873, aged 13 months and 29 days.

Married 15th inst., Henry ALFORD to Miss Julia RICHARDSON, daughter of Benjamin RICHARDSON.

January 28, 1874

Mr. Sephen [Stephen] A. HAIRGROVE died last week.

February 4, 1874

Wilmington - Mr. Armand D. YOUNG died on the 2nd, about 58 years old, the brother of Johnson B. YOUNG.

Married Jan. 27, Capt. F. W. DAWSON of Charleston to Miss Sarah MORGAN, youngest daughter of the late Judge Thomas Gibbes MORGAN of New Orleans, LA.

Married on 7th inst., Dr. L. F. DOZIER of Rio Vista, Calif. to Miss Mary DUDLEY of Marion.

Married 29th ult, Mr. Jesse ROGERS to Mrs. Annie ROGERS. Both of Marion Co.

February 11, 1874

Miss Margaret PHILLIPS, aged 80, was killed near Georgetown last week.

Married on 4th inst., Mr. S. B. SESSEMS of Mars Bluff to Mrs. A. E. MAURICE of Georgetown.

Married on 10th inst, Gen. Elly GODBOLD to Mrs. A. J. KELLY.

February 25, 1874

Married on 19th inst., David C. JAMES to Miss Mary LANE.

[Tribute to S. A. HAIRGROVE who has died]

[Tribute to F. L. ROGERS who has died.]

March 11, 1874

Married 5th inst., John M. JOHNSON to Miss Emma, youngest daughter of the late William F. RICHARDSON.

Married on 5th inst., Jacob SILVERSTEIN to Miss Augusta WITCOVER.

Married on Feb. 19, Hugh G. TAYLOR to Miss Sarah M. BUTTS. Both of Georgetown.

March 18, 1874

Jacob KELLY of Darlington died on 6th inst., aged 100 years, outlived three sons, and is survived by one daughter.

March 25, 1874

Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark STACKHOUSE has died.

Married on 22nd inst., J. H. BOSTICK to Miss Ella Jane, daughter of Mr. Asa TURBEVILLE. All of Brittons Neck.

April 4, 1874

Miss Maggie MILLER died in Salisbury a few days ago.

April 22, 1874

M. H. GOODMAN of Columbia died on the 9th.

Judge James M. RUTLAND died in Winnsboro on 17th inst.

April 29, 1874

A. W. DOZIER, Jr. died in Calif. Bath his parents are dead. His wife died within the past year at her fatherís residence in Sumter.

Married on 14th inst. in Charleston, Rev. Henry Tucker LEE, formerly of Winchester, VA to Fannie Fraser, daughter of J. C. WHALEY of Edisto. May 6, 1874

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Judge R. F. GRAHAM was buried at the Methodist Churchyard last Thursday.

Secretary of State Henry E. HAYNE married last Wednesday.

May 27, 1874

John R. MCQUAGE convicted and sentenced to hang on July 17.

Horry Capt. Henry ALBRITTON was killed last Saturday.

June 3, 1874

Married on May 31, Mr. A. P. BRIDGEMAN to Miss Mary HYATT, daughter of Charles HYATT.

June 10, 1874

A. W. DOZIER as previously reported is not dead, was only sick.

Two deaths in Marion Co. - Mrs. James HASELDEN and Mrs. CHARLES MOODY.

Married on 4th inst., Mr. J. M. THOMAS of Marion to Miss Laura P. JOYE of Charleston.

Died in Wilmington, N.C. on 7th inst., Eliza Harriss, infant daughter of Marsden and Hattie H. BELLAMY, aged one year, eleven months and 16 days.

June 17, 1874

Butt JONES, colored, died June 8, aged 87 years.

Daughter of Warren ANDREWS, near Columbia, died last Wednesday.

June 24, 1874

Mr. R. C. SHIVER of Columbia died last Monday.

Sumter Co. - William T. HODGE and Mr. John A. McCUTCHEN died last week.

John McGREGOR of Anderson Co. died last Tuesday.

July 1, 1874

Col. R. R. CANNON died in this County last Monday.

July 15, 1874

Mr. W. F. SHA.W recently married.

Gov. Tod R. CALDWELL of N.C. died at Hillsboro on the 11th inst.

Col. Thomas D. SUMTER, grandson of Gen. SUMTER, the "Gamecock" of the American Revolution, and eldest son of Col. Thomas SUMTER, died Wednesday near Statesburg, N.C

John DAVIS was killed in Anderson Co. last Saturday.

Mr. Dempsey P. HIGGS died at Mullins on the 9th inst.

July 22, 1874

Married on 14th inst, Mr. W. A. JONES to Miss Charrity A. JORDAN. Both of Horry Co.

July 29, 1874

Alfred THOMPKINS was killed on June 6.

Died on 13th inst., Mrs. Addie DAVIS, wife of Mr. F. W. DAVIS of Brittons Neck.

August 5, 1874

Nick CAMPBELL, colored, died in train accident.

Dr. Edward PORCHER of Darlington Co. is dead.

August 12, 1874

Edwin MALLORY, Cheraw, S.C., has died.

August 19, 1874

Killed on the 9th inst. in Marlboro Co., Aaron CLARK. Was the father of Joe CLARK.

August 26, 1874

Samuel M. STEVENSON died in Marion Co. on August 23. Born in Horry Co. 68 years ago.

September 2, 1874

Rev. M. V. WOOD of Conwayboro died August 27.

Married - Wesley H. STACKHOUSE to Mollie BREEDEN.

Died on 26th ult, Mrs. Sarah MULLINS, wife of Col. Wm. S. MULLINS, and the daughter of the late Dr. Samuel HODOES. She was 45 years old.

September 9, 1874

Jacob HARDEN died last Saturday at Florence.

September 30, 1874

T. L. McKENZIE of Columbia, son of John McKENZIE, died last week.

Ephraim WATSON, colored, was killed in Mars Bluff last Friday.

Isaac McRAE, colored, was killed in Horry Co.

October 7, 1874

W. H. GIST died in Union on the 30th ult.

October 14, 1874

Frank Hodges MULLINS, son of Col. William S. and Sarah A. MULLINS, died at Pendarvis, GA on Oct. 7. He would have been 23 yrs. old on Nov. 29, 1874. Cousin of B. H. MULLINS. [lengthy memorial]

October 21, 1874

Mrs. Nancy WILLIAMS, aged 64, died on 26th ult.

Married on the 16th, Robert L. LANE to Miss R. C. GADDY.

October 21, 1874

Married on 8th inst., Calvin E. CARMICHAEL to Miss Maggie Bouie.

Married on 6th inst., Rev. H. M. BREARLEY of Marion to Miss Mary McQueen ROGERS of Marlboro.

Married on 15th inst., Mr. R. B. McLEAN to Miss Jane N., daughter of Samuel SMITH.

Died on 14th inst., William ROGERS, aged 76 years.

October 26, 1874

[lengthy memorial] Mrs. Mary BYRD recently died in Hamilton Co., FL, aged 120 years. Born in Marion Co., S.C. in 1754, moved to Florida in 1856 with two daughters.

November 4, 1874

Mrs. R. B. GAME died last Thursday. Leaves husband and nine children.

Funeral of the late Robert J. GREGG is at Methodist Church this morning.

Hon. Robt. F. GRAHAM was buried yesterday beside mother, sisters and his little cherubs. Father is still alive.

George BERRY, colored, died at Whiteville, N.C. last Friday. Born in Marion Co. in 1845.

Married Oct. 22, Stewart COTTINGAME to Miss Rebecca COLEMAN.

Married Oct. 29 in Chester Co., SC, Mr. C. Frederick BUCK of Bucksville, S.C. to Miss Mary B. SAYE, daughter of Rev. J. H. SAYE.

Died in Horry Co., Oct. 24, B. Tilly SESSIONS, aged 71 years.

Died in this town at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. W. C. FOXWORTH, died on the 2nd inst., Mr. Robert J. GREGG, aged 75 years.

Died near Mullins on Nov. 2, Mr. Job JONES, aged 76 years.

Died in Charleston on Nov. 1, Hon. R. F. GRAHAM, aged 41 years.

November 11, 1874

B. Rush CAMPBELL died in Charleston Tuesday of last week.

Mack THOMAS, colored, was killed last Friday.

Stephen CHASTAIN died Monday.

November 18, 1874

R. L. LANE was the postmaster of Oak Grove, postmaster is now J. D. LANE.

November 25, 1874

Married on 12th inst., Louis BAZENS to Miss ______ McNEILL.
Married on 12th inst., Mr. W. A. JONES to Miss Zilpha BAZENS.

Married on 19th inst., Mr. A. L. ARMFIELD of Greensboro, N.C. to Miss Ann C. HUTCHINSOM of Marion Co., S.C.

Died on 21st inst., Charles W. MILLER, age 27 [?]

December 2, 1874

Jane WRIGHT, colored, died last Thursday in Darlington.

December 16, 1874

James, son of Mrs. William BRADY, died Friday.

December 23, 1874

Married on 17th inst., J. G. OWENS to Miss Hattie E. GODBOLD, eldest daughter of Mr. Ervin GODBOLD.

Married on 17th, Thomas Lloyd to Miss E. ELSIPH, youngest daughter of the late Hugh ELSIP.

Married on 14th inst., Briston TURNER to Miss Celia OWENS.

Married on the 10th, Evander VAUGHT to Miss Edith J. LeGETTE.

Married on 17th inst., Mr. J. C. PAGE to Miss Sallie GRANGER.

Married on 9th inst., Nathaniel McNAIR of Robeson Co. to Miss Bettie BLUE of Marion, S.C.

Married on 10th inst., Mr. C. J. McCALL of Marlboro to Miss Annie V. Page of Marion.

Extracts contributed by Gloria Buckle, 2003.
Edited and reformatted by Victoria Proctor, 2003.

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