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Will of John CRAWFORD, 1756

Transcribed by Winkie CRAWFORD Robinson, 8 Oct 2001

[Will of John Crawford is taken from microfilm # 0023474, S. C. Charlestown - Probate Records Wills v. 9-10, 1760-1767, LDS Family History Center. John Crawford's will was typed, and I will try and make this copy as nearly perfect as possible although I can't be responsible for any minor typos. However, I have deviated from the double-spaced document to single spacing, except in those instances when it was necessary to insert letters in an otherwise blank line. The best source, of course, is the original or microfilmed copy. Personally, I believe this is a 2nd copy of John Crawford's will as published in vol. 6, p. 7, which was sent to me by someone else.


Page 74 
                        WILL OF 
                    JOHN CRAWFORD 
      IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN.   I John Crawford of Craven County 
in the Province of South Carolina being of perfect Sense and 
Memory, Thanks be to Almighty God; Do make this my Last Will 
and Testament in manner and form following:  FIRST and princi- 
pally I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that 
gave it, trusting through the merits of Christ, to receive full 
pardon for all my Sins, and my Body to be buried decently by the 
Directions of my Executors hereafter named, And what Estate it 
hath pleased God to bestow on Me, after my just Debts and Funer- 
al Charges are paid I give as followeth. 
ITEM  I leave unto my Loving Wife Mary Crawford One third Part 
of my Lands during her Natural Life or Widwohood. [typo in orginal, Winkie[ 
ITEM  I leave to my said Wife Six Negroes, VIZ. Joe, Doll, Abra- 
ham Little Doll, Jenny & Mourning, during her Natural life or 
Widowhood, and Also One third part of my husehold Goods, and 
one third part of my Stock of Cattle, Hoggs and Horses, during 
her Natural Life or Widowhood, And after her Mariage or Decease 
the same to be equally divided among, such of my Children as 
shall be then alive. 
ITEM My Will and desire is, that the Tract of Land whereon my 
Son John Crawford lives on the lower side of Phill's Creek, to- 
gether with the Stock and five Negroes, VIZ. Jack, Nanny, Ta-- 
mar, Abbey & Stephen for which I made him a Deed of Gift some 
few days past to be the proper use of him and his heirs for ever. 
ITEM I give to my Son Thomas Crawford, the Remainder part of 
the Tract of Land mentioned to John Crawford that lyes above 
Phill's Creek with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, to him 
and his Heirs forever. 
ITEM I give unto my said Son Thomas Crawford, All my Land Adjoin- 
ing to Abraham Lundy, with the Appurtenances thereunto belong- 
ITEM I give unto my said Son Thomas Crawford One Third part of 
my Stock, and my Two Large Boats and my ferry Boat. 
ITEM I give unto my said Son Thomas Crawford, Pompey, Moll 
Hannah, Sarah, Nell to him and his Heirs forever. 

Page 75 
ITEM, I give unto my Son Michael Crawford my Mannor House & 
Plantation, with Three hundred Acres of Land, whereon I now 
live with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging to him & his 
Heirs forever. 
ITEM I give unto my said Son Michael Crawford my Tract of Land 
on Naked Creek containing Seven hundred & fifty Acres to him & 
his Heirs forever.  (ITEM 
ITEM I give unto my said Son Michael Crawford Five Negroes 
VIZ. Isabell, Jemmy, George, Barbara, and Lucy, and One third 
Part of the Stock to him and his Heirs forever. 
ITEM I-give-unto-my-Son-Michael-Crawford [Note the hypens "-" run 
thru every letter from "I...Crawford" ; marking thru to change will to:] 
My Will and Desire is, 
that my Lands on Lynch's Creek, be sold by my Executors for the 
Payment of my Debts, and that my said Executors have full power 
to convey the same. 
ITEM My Will and Desire is, that Three hundred pounds which Lyes 
in Virginia, be equally divided between my Wife and Three Sons. 
ITEM And I do constitute and Appoint my well beloved Wife Mary 
Crawford my Executrix and my sons John & Thomas Crawford my 
whole and Sole Executors of this my Last Will & Testament, dis- 
annulling and making Void all other Wills by me heretofore made. 
IN WITNEFS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 
Twentieth Day of October, One thousand seven hundred and fifty 
                                                John Crawford (L.S.) 
     Charles Thomson 
     Durham Hills                                               
                                             Proved the 10th.  January 1761.  By 
     Arch.d Mc.Norton                  Virtue of a Dedimus; At the same time 
                                             Qualified Mary Crawford & Thomas 
                                             Crawford Exors. 
                                             Before Wade Blair J.P. 
Recorded in Will Book 1760-1767 
Recorded on Page 60 

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