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We have a few church histories and photographs and it would be wonderful to have more.  If you can provide any information on Marlboro churches - date established, membership rolls, historical sketches, photographs, what have you - please let me know.

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During the colonial period, the Anglican Church was the established church in South Carolina, and the Vestry was as much a political body as a religious one. The wardens and commissioners were responsible for the roads, the poor, orphans, voting and collecting taxes in addition to their church duties. Old Marlborough was administered by the Parish of Saint David.


Some Presbyterian church records for congregations of Southern states are 
archived at the regional office of the Presbyterian Historical Society in Montreat, N.C.

Presbyterian Historical Society
The Montreat Office
P.O. Box 849, Montreat, NC 28757
Telephone (828) 669-7061 Fax (828) 669-5369
(Address and telephone as of 2000)


Monthly Meetings (MM) for our area:

J.A.W. Thomas, in his "History of Marlboro County", states that Pine Grove, ultimately a Methodist church, was originally built by the Quakers. When the Quakers left the area on account of slavery and migrated to the Northwest (Indiana), the house was left unoccupied and to be used as a place of worship by other denominations.

You can find helpful information on Friends records and published resources at 
Friends Historical Collection, Hege Library, Guilford College
. Be sure to explore the site thoroughly. 
Guilford has a very helpful page on
  Using Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy






USGS Listing of Marlboro Churches (Modern and historical)

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Aaron Temple Methodist Church 344531N 0794356W Ghio
Annarate Church (historical) 342058N 0793808W Witherspoon Island
Antioch Church 342255N 0793820W Drake
Antioch Church 344356N 0794106W Bennettsville North
Asbury Church 343232N 0793330W Clio
Beaverdam Church 344106N 0794824W Wallace
Berea Church 343729N 0792944W Minturn
Bethel Church 344703N 0795326W Morven East
Bethel Church 343959N 0794337W Bennettsville North
Bethlehem Church 342329N 0793554W Bingham
Beulah Church (historical) 343728N 0793803W Bennettsville South
Beulah Church (historical) 343125N 0793036W Clio
Beulah Methodist Church 343612N 0794114W Bennettsville South
Boykin Church 344432N 0793846W Bennettsville North
Boykin Church (historical) 344400N 0793833W Bennettsville North
Breedens Chapel (historical) 344703N 0794108W Ghio
Bristow Freewill Church 342504N 0793710W Bingham
Brownsville Church 342632N 0793739W Drake
Brownsville Church (historical) 342320N 0793653W Bingham
Brutons Fork Church 344153N 0793956W Bennettsville North
Calvary Church 343638N 0794146W Bennettsville South
Cedar Falls Church 342908N 0794015W Drake
Church of God 343643N 0794128W Bennettsville South
Community Chapel 344006N 0793217W McColl
Driggers Chapel 343032N 0793833W Bennettsville South
Dunbar Presbyterian Church (historical) 343207N 0793339W Clio
Dyers Hill Church 343502N 0794548W Society Hill
Eastside Baptist Church 344007N 0793245W McColl
Ebenezer Church 344119N 0794600W Wallace
Ebenezer Church 343217N 0793053W Clio
Ebenezer Church 343439N 0793857W Bennettsville South
Emmanuel Church 344016N 0793227W McColl
Evans Church 343620N 0794121W Bennettsville South
Fairplain Church 343954N 0793202W McColl
First Baptist Church 344008N 0793258W McColl
First Baptist Church 343447N 0793241W Clio
First Church of the Nazarene 343648N 0794119W Bennettsville South
First Presbyterian Church 343442N 0793234W Clio
First Presbyterian Church 343654N 0794103W Bennettsville South
First United Methodist Church 343707N 0794049W Bennettsville South
Fletcher Grove Church 344231N 0793331W McColl
Fletchers Chapel 344313N 0793554W McColl
Free Will Church 343638N 0794035W Bennettsville South
Friendship Church 344247N 0793441W McColl
Galilee Church 343427N 0794002W Bennettsville South
Goodwins Chapel 344356N 0793907W Bennettsville North
Hebron Church 343432N 0793532W Clio
Hickory Grove Church 344221N 0794719W Wallace
Holiness Church 343428N 0793231W Clio
Holiness Tabernacle (historical) 343630N 0794122W Bennettsville South
Hopewell Church 343759N 0793458W McColl
Level Green Church 343947N 0794324W Bennettsville North
Macedonia Missionary Church 343219N 0794219W Bennettsville South
Main Street Methodist Church 344006N 0793252W McColl
McCall Church 343952N 0793144W McColl
McColl Church of God 344004N 0793228W McColl
Mount Elohim Church 343532N 0793335W Clio
Mount Tabor Church 343410N 0793241W Clio
Mount Zion Church 343836N 0793650W McColl
New Hill Church 344243N 0794158W Bennettsville North
New Hope Church 344814N 0795327W Morven East
Oak Grove Church 343624N 0793227W Clio
Oak Grove Church 344358N 0794826W Wallace
Oak Grove Church 344434N 0794900W Wallace
Old Clio Church 343404N 0793211W Clio
Old Gailee Church 344109N 0794010W Bennettsville North
Old Smyrna Church 344036N 0793910W Bennettsville North
Parnassus Church 342934N 0793842W Drake
Pee Dee Church 343233N 0793914W Bennettsville South
Pine Grove Church 344157N 0793515W McColl
Piney Plain Church 344354N 0793656W McColl
Pleasant Hill Church 342653N 0793749W Drake
Pleasant Hill Church 344756N 0794811W Diggs
Prevatts Chapel 344732N 0794245W Ghio
Red Bluff Presbyterian Church (historical) UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Clio
Reedy Branch Church 343731N 0792833W Johns
Reedy Branch Church (historical) 343657N 0792902W Minturn
Saint Denis Church 343718N 0794015W Bennettsville South
Saint James Church 343850N 0793957W Bennettsville North
Saint Lukes Church 343635N 0794222W Bennettsville South
Saint Marks Church 343634N 0794551W Society Hill
Saint Matthews Church 343307N 0793555W Clio
Saint Michael Methodist Church 343700N 0794114W Bennettsville South
Saint Pauls Church 343628N 0794131W Bennettsville South
Saint Pauls Church 344205N 0793626W McColl
Saint Pauls Church 343653N 0794042W Bennettsville South
Salem Church 343208N 0794215W Bennettsville South
Sandy Grove Church 343513N 0793736W Bennettsville South
Sardis Church 343014N 0793955W Bennettsville South
Sarion Church 343714N 0793235W Clio
Sawmill Church 343736N 0794628W Wallace
Shiloh Church 344402N 0793909W Bennettsville North
Shiloh Church 343701N 0794116W Bennettsville South
Shiloh Church 343551N 0794446W Bennettsville South
Spears Church 343546N 0793638W Clio
Symrna Church 344022N 0793932W Bennettsville North
Thomas Memorial Church 343651N 0794116W Bennettsville South
Trinity Church 343440N 0793259W Clio
Victory Temple 342352N 0793553W Bingham
Wallace Church 344253N 0794745W Wallace
Washington Temple 343734N 0794046W Bennettsville North
Wesley Church 344257N 0794425W Bennettsville North
Wesley Church (historical) 343535N 0793011W Clio
Wesleyan Church 343759N 0794145W Bennettsville North
White Creek Church 344407N 0795200W Wallace
Whites Creek Church 344629N 0794758W Diggs
Zion Church 343121N 0794157W Bennettsville South
Zion Church 343418N 0793230W Clio


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