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Newspapers in Genealogical Research

Newspapers can be a wonderful source of genealogical data. Obituaries, death notices, marriage notices published in newspapers are not always accurate and should be used with care, but sometimes can provide the only clue you'll ever find for an event, or a relationship, in your ancestor's life.

For Marlboro County's colonial period, you will need to check both Charleston and "state" newspapers (published in Charleston).


Some early South Carolina newspapers include:

South Carolina Gazette, 1732-1775
South Carolina Weekly Gazette, 1758-1764
South Carolina and American General Gazette, 1764-1781
South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal, 1765-1775
Gazette of the State of South Carolina, 1777-1780
Charlestown Gazette, 1778-1780
Royal South Carolina Gazette, 1780-1782
Royal Gazette, 1781-1782

Many of these early newspapers were saved and can be found at some institutions and/or on microfilm. Saved original issues of these newspapers are held by:

The Charleston Library Society in Charleston, South Carolina.
The South Carolina Historical Society in Charleston, South Carolina.
The Caroliniana Library in Columbia, South Carolina.
Various other institutions and individuals have smaller holdings.

Microfilm copies may be found in many libraries and research institutions across the United States. Check with your local genealogy library for availability.

Early (1800s) Marlboro newspapers include:

Other Pee Dee area newspapers from the 1800's which frequently mention Marlboro county residents:


Extracts from Marlboro County Newspapers
[Includes some issues of: Bennettsville Journal, Marlboro Monitor, The Marlboro Democrat, and The Pee Dee Advocate.]
The author of this published work, Gloria Buckle, generously contributed a copy to me for presentation on this site.
This resource is a treasure for all Pee Dee area researchers.
Many, many thanks, Gloria!

Extracts from the Cheraw Gazette 1835-38 of Notices Concerning Marlboro Citizens
Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, Sept 2001.

Extracts from the Cheraw Gazette and Pee Dee Farmer 1838-39 of Notices Concerning Marlboro Citizens
Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, Sept 2001.

Extracts from the Farmers' Gazette and Cheraw Advertizer 1839-1842 of Notices Concerning Marlboro Citizens
Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, Sept 2001.

"Parrish recollections of 19th century recalled" from the Pee Dee Advocate
Transcribed by Brenda Wagner, Sept 2001.

"Marriage Licences Issued More Than 100 Years Ago" from the Pee Dee Advocate 1926
Transcribed by Mary Lewis, Feb 2003.

If your ancestors were Methodist, you might want to try the
Methodist Obituary Search Page at Wofford College.
Obituaries in the Southern Christian Advocate newspaper, 1837 to present, were indexed at Wofford and placed online.

Current newspapers for Marlboro County residents include the Marlboro Herald-Advocate, published in Bennettsville, SC.
Check South Carolina Newspaper Links for other current newspapers online.

If you know of a link or a resource not listed here for Marlboro County newspapers, please let me know !

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