Bil Brasington

My paternal grandfather (John Samuel Brasington) entered active service in defense of South Carolina as a 16 year old boy in the Last CallUp of the available manpower (and boy power) in a last ditch effort. While looking for data on John, I found his application to reside in The Confederate Home, in Columbia. I was born and raised in Columbia and remembered where the cemetery was. I surveyed the cemetery and added data from the Application files at the SC Archives and published the Expanded Confederate (SC) Cemetery

I became very interested in all of those units that no one else seems to research SC Reserves 61-64 since for the most part that did not participate in the Big Battles

I started to learn more about the Carolinas Campaign of 1865.

One of my great grandfathers was killed at Gettysburg. 3rd Lieutenant Marion Richard Hinson served in 2nd Regiment of SC Volunteers, Company H, "The Lancaster Invincibles". I started looking for his final resting place. I managed to come across the data. I include various cemeteries of SC Confederate Patriots who are buried on Northern Soil. and some cemteries, in and out of the state, where men who served with my ancestors rest. Most in Charleston but all on Southern Soil.

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Bil Brasington