8th South Carolina Volunter Infantry

  Cash, Ellerbe B. C., Colonel, Lived in Cheraw. Enlisted as a Colonel. On furlough 12/7/61. Resigned 5/13/62.
  Henagan, John Williford, Colonel, S/O Ephraim L & Ann McInnis Henagan. Born 11/22/22. Enlisted as a Major. Promoted Colonel 05/62. Died 4/22/65 or 4/26/65 at Johnson's Island (Sandusky), Ohio. Buried there in grave # 177. Memorial stone in Parnassus United Methodist Church Cemetery, near Blenheim, Marlboro County, S.C.
  Stackhouse, Eli Thomas, Colonel, Born 3/27/24 in Marion District. Enlisted as a Private in Co. I. Transferred Co. L. Promoted Captain. Wounded Antietam. Wounded Gettysburg. Promoted Major. Promoted Lieutenant Colonel. Wounded slightly in chest Deep Bottom. Promoted Colonel 04/65. Married Anna Fore. Elected to Congress. Died 6/14/92 in Washington D. C. Buried St. Paul's Methodist Church Cemetery.


  Lucas, Thomas E., Major & Adjutant, Appointed Adjunct.
  Ingliss, William Cooper, Adjutant, Appointed Adjutant. Died 10/18/61 after three week illness in Richmond.
  Mullins, William S., Adjutant, Appointed Adjunct.
  Coit, David Gardner, Assistant Surgeon, Lived in Cheraw. Enlisted as a Asst Surgeon 6/61.
  Dunlop, Robert S., Assistant Surgeon, Enlisted as a Asst Surgeon 3/6/63. POW 6/30/63. Literate.
  Pawley, James Hunter, Captain, Enlisted as a Captain in commissary 4/13/61. Admitted Seminary Hospital Williamsburg 4/20/62, chronic dysentery. Returned 4/23/62. Resigned 12/8/62, diarrhea & ill health.
  Cousar, James A., Chaplain, Enlisted as a Chaplain 4/13/61 in Society Hill. POW 10/31/62. Sent to Hospital 12/1/62. Resigned unknown date. Literate.
  Hunagan, J. M., QuarterMaster, Appointed QuarterMaster.
  Kinson, J. B., Sergeant Major, Enlisted as a Sergeant Major. Wounded slightly in foot at Hupp's Hill.
  Griffen, Evander Mc Iver, Commissary Sergenant, Enlisted as a Commissary.
  Craig, Charles W., Sergeant, Enlisted as a Sergeant 4/13/61 in Florence. POW all rolls 6/30/61 thru 12/31/61. At Culpeper General Hospital 7/25/61. Wounded Malvern Hill. Admitted Howard's Grove General Hospital Richmond 7/3/62. On furlough 7/6/62. Assigned work in Columbia Hospital 1/1/63 & reduced to Private. On detail as assistant recruiter Chesterfield District, 8/31/63 & 10/31/63.
  Askins, John Dura, Born 4/24/27. Married Susannah Angeline Revell & later Francis R. Courtney. Died 1/30/1913.
  Atkinson, John Fulton, Born 8/18/42. Married Deliah Jane Mowers 4/18/62. Died 6/7/1903.
  Brearly, Martin L., Appointed Chaplain 6/26/63. On furlough 12/25/63. AWOL 4/6/64 (resigned, but not approved). POW 10/27/64.
  Cawley, J. H., Appointed Comissary.
  Cook, Jonathan R., Enlisted 4/13/61 in Florence. Promoted Corporal by 6/30/61 when POW. On furlough 8/31/61. POW all rolls 12/31/61 thru 6/30/64. Wounded Williamsburg. Reduced to Private by 10/31/62. On extra duty as hospital nurse 6/30/64. Paroled 5/2/65. Alive in 1897.
  David, William J., Occupation Surgeon. Transferred 8th S. C. 10/28/62. POW 2/28/63.
  Dennis, J. W., Enlisted 3/14/62, age 19.
  Drake, Artemas, Born 1/3/34. Died 7/31/62. Buried family cemetery in Dillon Co. No service record.
  Easterling,, Admitted Chimborazo Hospital Richmond 9/5/62, diarrhea. On furlough 10/5/62, 45 days. Illiterate.
  Henagan, James M, Appointed QM. Alive in 1897 in Ala.
  Liles, Joseph Richardson, Born 8/19/32. Died 5/23/15. Buried Liles Cemetery, near Bennettsville, Marlboro Co.
  Mc Gill, J. F., F&S.
  Mc Laurin, Philip M., Died at home, typhoid fever.
  Mc Lendon, George R, Born 1844 at Darlington, wounded at Chancellorsville, Virginia and transported to Richmond where he died soon after from the effects of typhoid fever. Buried in 11 May 1863 in Richmond, Hanover, Virginia.

Battle Assignments:

  First Manassas [ 21 July 1861] reported 5 killed and 23 wounded
  Williamsburg [4 May thr 5 May 1862[
  Savage Station [29 June 1862]
  Frayser's Farm [30 June 1862]
  Malvern Hill [1 July 1862] reported 7 killed, 36 wounded, and 9 missing
  Maryland Heights [14 Sept 1862] reported 6 killed and 28 wounded
  Dunker's Church - Sharpsburg [17 Sept 181962] reported 1 killed, 17 wouded, and 4 missing
  Mayre's Heights - Fredericksburg [13 Dec 1862] reported 2 killed and 29 wounded
  Pressing, Chancellorsville [3 May 1862]
  Salem Church. Chancellorsville [4 May 1862]
  Peach Orchard - Gettysburg [2 July 1863] 300 engaged with thirty-three percent were disabled
  Chickamaugha [Sept 19 thru 1963]
  Campbell's Station [11 Nov 4 1863]
  Knoxville [12 Nov 1863]
  Fort Sanders [29 Nov 1863]
  Bean's Station [15 Dec 1863]
  Wilderness [May 5 thru 7, 1864]
  Spotsylvania [May 8 thru 20, 1864]
  North Anna [23 thur 26 May, 1864]
  Cold Harbor [3 June 1864]
  Deep Bottom [27 thru 29 June 1864]
  Petersburg [Aug 1864]
  Berryville [13 Sept 1864]
  Near Port Republic [7 Oct 1864]
  Near Strasburg p14 Oct 1864]
  Middletown/Cedar Creek [19 Oct 1864]
  Carolina's Campaign [Feb 1865]
  Averasboro. N.C. [15 March 1865]   Bentonville, N.C. (19 thru 21 March 1865)


Organized under Col Ellerbe B. C. Cash with 10 companies in April Part at Marion, South Carolina, during the spring of 1861 moved to Florence, Charleston after the Battle of Fort Sumter, then during the end of May was ordered to Virginia. Placed in Bonham's Brigade.
May 1861 Colonel John Williford Henagan took command when regiment was assigned to General Kershaw's, Kennedy's, and Conner's Brigade.
Sept 1862 was assigned to Kershaw's Brigade. Mclaw's Division, Longstreet's Corp Corps
June 1863 was assigned to Kershaw's Brigade. Mclaw's Division, First Corps
May 1864 was assigned to Conner's Brigade, Kershaw's Division, First Corps
August 1864, Detached to the Valley was assigned to Conner's Brigade, Kershaw's Division. Second Corps
Late October 1864, Returned to Richmond, under command of Colonel Eli Thomas Stackhouse and was assigned to Kennedy's Brigade, Kershaw's Division, First Corps
Jan 1865 Detached to the Carolina's and was assigned to Kershaw's Brigade, McLaw's Division. Hardee's Corps,
Feb thru Apr 1865 was assigned to Kershaw's Brigade, McLaw's Division. Hardee's Corps,
April 1865 surrendered with the Army of Tennessee at Greensboro, N.C.


Company A - Captain John H. Muldrow - Darlington District - Darlington Rifles

Company B - Captain Richard Powell - Chesterfield District

Company C - Captain Thomas E. Powe, Jr. - Chesterfield District

Company D - Captain Robert P. Miller - Chesterfield District

Company E - Captain Silas Spencer (Elias Mercer) Keith - Chesterfield District

Company F - Captain Thomas Epaphroditus Howle - Darlington District

Company G - Captain Charles Pickney Townsend - Marlboro District - Marlboro Guards

Company H - Captain Duncan Mc Intyre - Marion District - Jeffrey Creek Guards

Company I - Captain Andrew T. Harlee - Marion District

Company K - Captain Charles Frank Manning - Marlboro District

Company L - Colonel Eli Thomas Stackhouse - Marion District

Company M - Captain Thomas E. Howle - Darlington District

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