Cemeteries where SC Patriots are buried

My search for my Confederate roots carried me across the border into Federal land. Looking for my great grandfather, I compiled a list of Deaths at or because of Gettysburg. We all know that those killed at Gettysburg were buried in the National Cemetery there. Execpt this cemetery was developed by the Northern States and the men buried there are those who died for the Union. While there are several confederates buried there in error. the list of South Carolinias is fairly extensive and were generally buried where the fell.

For researh led me to the fact that that some of these Patriots were returned to South Carolina. South Carolina's Gettysburg dead Re-Intered Magnolia Cemetery on 10 May 1871 One of the was Lieutentant George Cauthen Brasington, my great grandfather's oldest brother.

Not all of these men were recovered and fewer still were returned to home soil. It led me thru many cemeteries in The North where South Carolina Patriots were buried. The attached is a listing of same.

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana for Camp Morton POWS

Cypress Hills National Cemetery - Brooklyn, New York

Elmira, New York

Johnson Island Cemetery, Ohio

Philadelphia National Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Washington,DC Congressional Cemetery

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