Confederate Soldiers Home Cemetery
Columbia, South Carolina

In 1908, the General Assembly established the home was for elderly CSA veterans, regardless of what state they served who could not otherwise support themselves and their wives, then widows were allowed in.

The infirmary was opened 10 May 1909 and soon had an enrollment of eighty veterans. The name was changed in 1925, the last veteran died there in 1941, and it was closed in 1958, with the remaining residents moved to boarding facilities.

My great grandfather (John Samuel Brasington) applied for admission to the Home but never did live there.

This photograph was taken in the late 1930s shortly after the grounds had been relandscaped as part of a WPA beautification project. That the same Federal government would expend funds to enhance a final home for survivors of the "Lost Cause" who fought to leave this union must have been an irony for some of those who lived there.

Courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration

Although the building is no longer standing, there is now a marker on the site placed there by the UDC in the 1970's. There is very small cemetery is left, fenced and well kept. Many more veterans and their wives lived and died here but most were sent elsewhere for burial, usually back home.

The Cemetery is located across the street from the SC Department of Heath at 2600 Bull Street but there is no access from Bull Street.

I am not sure who maintains the site but they do an outstanding job.

Expanded Cemetery Survey


Name on Headstone Born Died Co Unit Served Applied from
Bennett, William H. 10 Jul 1847 14 Oct 1927 E 11th Reg. S. C. Hampton County
Blackwell, Edward B. 05 April 1839 23 July 1930 A 2nd SC Calvary Florence County
Boatner, W. F. 07 June 1847 18 Sep 1929 H 1st SC State Troops Anderson County
Boinea, Stephen About 1842* 22 Sep 1932* A 3rd SC Beufort County
Cribb, A. F. 16 Aug 1840 05 Sept 1937 A 21st SC Inf. Georgetown County
Humbert, Francis 04 April 1845 16 Feb 1929 C 3rd Reg SCV Jasper County
Kneece, Dempsey About 1845 27 Jul 1931* C 20th SC Inf Aiken County
Legge, George 30 Mar 1846 01 Sept 1931 A 2nd SC Calvary Spartanburg County (C)
Nesseruy, Philip H. 15 Oct 1844 09 April 1928 B 7th Reg.  
Rains, Henry J. 21 Feb 1847 25 July 1940   CSA Army - AIDE DE CAMP. Lt.  
Seay, Luther F. About 1844* 4 Jan 1933* K 13th SC Inf  
Smith, William A. 14 Mar 1847 28 Jan 1930 E 4th Reg SC State Troops Anderson County (C)
Smith, William D. 05 Sept 1850 26 Sept 1933 A 1st SC Reg State Troops  
Spence, William R. 21 Mar 1848 31 July 1931 A 3rd SC Reg Reserves  
Stanford, William Jefferson 7 January 1844 23 May 1932* A 60th N. C. Inf, 1st Sgt Asheville, NC
Thompson, J. W. 18 July 1842 17 July 1929 D 9th SC SCV  

Patriots' Widows

Name on Headstone Born Died Husband or Relative's Name Co Unit Served Applied from
Adams, Carrie 29 Nov 1850 07 June 1943 James Zimmerman Adams C 15th SCV Newberry County
Boatner, W. F., Mrs 23 May 1853 20 Sept 1930 W. F. Boatner H 1st SC State Troops Anderson County
Bullard, Sara E 08 May 1860 24 Jan 1955 W (N) Bullards A 51st NC Roberrson County, NC
Donath, Emma C, Mrs 21 Jan 1857 05 Sept 1929 Lewis Donath Wer-Nee Rifleman 3rd Regiment, Pee Dee Rifle  
Gandy, Hattie 26 Feb 1863 16 June 1937 Lonnie Gandy     Darlington County
McFadden, Jane Elizabeth 20 Feb 1858 11 Jan 1932 1st Lt C Walker McFadden A 6th SCV, Bratton's Brigade Kershaw County
Outlaw, Carey Brown 08 Oct 1853 14 Mar 1933* J. C. Outlaw and Sister of J P Brown A 8th SCV Sumter County
Stanford, Sarah Elizabeth JUSTICE 03 Oct 1847 08 Apr 1937 William Jefferson Stanford A 60th N. C. Inf, 1st Sgt Asheville, NC

Other Relatives of Patriots

Name on Headstone Born Died Relationship Patriots' Name Co Unit Served Applied from
Ammons, Lizzie 18 Sep 1869 04 Sep 1945 Daughter Jones Amons     Marlboro County
Boseman, Carrie 28 Jan 1875 26 May 1952 Daughter Caleb Coker I 18th SCV  
Easterling, Mattie 20 Mar 1866 05 Apr 1947 Niece Elijah Easterling G 8th SCV Marlboro County
Hitt, Sue Wyche 07 Jul 1871 1956 Daughter John Q. Wilbur   3rd SC Infantry Laurens County
Hutchinson, Mary Sudie 14 Jan 1872 06 Mar 1948 Daughter James J. Hutchinson B 1st SC (Gregg's),  
McClintock, Bessie Long 07 Apr 1874 01 Oct 1956 Daughter Latimer Wren Long C 3rd Regiment  
Nicholson, Kathrene 06 Dec 1866 29 Jan 1943 Daughter J. N. Nicholson   15th NC Cleveland County, NC
Sill, Emily Lenora, Miss 17 Aug 1841 29 Dec 1930 Sister Major Sills, Jim, Oswell, William and John   Hampton Legion Kershaw County
Terry, Lula 23 Jun 1861 23 Mar 1947 Unable to find Application        
Terry, Nancy 14 Sep 1863 16 Sep 1949 Unable to find Application        
Way, Hattie 27 Jul 1876 07 May 1949 Daughter Thomas Rivers Way      

Information Sources:
The names of those buried in the cemetery as well as dates born and died are from my survey of the cemetery.
The service information and relationship to Patriot came from my review of Confederate Home Application on file at S C Archives.
About dates and County (C) are my best guess, based on 1880 Census CD's from LDS

Dates marked with an * were from the index for South Carolina Death Certificates years 1915 through 1954

If you have any information about any of these individuals, please contact me at