5th SC Cavalry Regiment

Regimental Roll and Officer Registers




Including the following predecessor units and organizations:
CPT Robert J. Jeffords' Co., 1st (Martin's) SC Mounted Militia,
CPT Wheeler G. Smith's Co., 1st (Martin's) SC Mounted Militia,
CPT Louis A. Whilden's Co. B St. James Mounted Riflemen,
CPT Joseph G. Harlan's Co. SC Cavalry,
14th (1st/2d) Battalion SC Cavalry,
17th (6th) Battalion SC Cavalry.

For it is a debt of justice to pay superior honors to men who have devoted their lives in fighting for their country, though inferior to others in every
virtue but that of valor. Their last service effaceth all former demerits, - it extends to the public; their private demeanors reached only to a few.


This site is a compilation of information on the 5th SC Cavalry Regiment and its predecessor organizations taken primarily from the records of the National Archives and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. It is intended to serve as a research and reference tool, rather than a comprehensive narrative history of the regiment.

The regimental roll is based on the members' Compiled Service Records in the National Archives, and records of the South Carolina Confederate Historian. Most names appear in both sources, but many do not, while still others that appear in neither source were found in the original records of Co. D, 5th SC Cavalry, in the South Carolina Archives and other sources.

In addition to the regimental roll, listings of all the officers who served with the regiment are included, as well as summary information on its duty stations and engagements. The primary sources for this information were the Officer Registers and bi-monthly Muster Roll Records of Events contained in the Compiled Service Records. Supplemental information has been added where appropriate from records in the South Carolina Archives and other sources. Men who died in service are marked :, while those wounded or captured are indicated with and , respectively. Any data that has been inferred, but not proven, has been enclosed in brackets, e.g., [Lexington], [b. 1839].

To the best of the author's knowledge, the resulting compilation is the most comprehensive roll of the men and officers of the 5th SC Cavalry available. With sincere apologies for any errors or omissions, it is hoped that the information contained herein will be of some value to genealogists, historians, and other researchers interested in the Civil War.

Compiled by

Lewis F. Knudsen, Jr.
Columbia, South Carolina

1999-2010 Lewis F. Knudsen, Jr.,
Columbia, South Carolina.