5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Company A

This company was organized at Orangeburg C.H. on 19 December 1861, by John Cubbage Edwards (1823-1887), a local farmer.    On 24 December 1861, it was ordered to Camp Hampton, near Columbia, where it became Co. C, then Co. B, 1st Battalion SC Cavalry, and subsequently, Co. B, 14th Battalion SC Cavalry.

Company A 1st/14th Bn 5th Cav  
Names Co. C/B Co. A Disposition
Edwards, John Cubbage Captain Captain  
Rush, Paul Daniel 1LT 1LT Died, 24 May 1863
Dantzler, David 2LT 2LT/1LT  
Stokes, T. P. 2LT   Discharged, 18 Jan 1862.
Wannamaker, Wm. Whetstone 2LT 2LT Resigned, 23 Mar 1863
Miller, Hamilton M.   2LT  
Smoke, William F.   2LT Died, 23 Jun 1864.
Dibble, Virgil Cornelius   2LT  

Record of Events.

Co. B, 14th Battalion SC Cavalry

24 December 1861. Station: Camp Felder, SC.

7 Jan 1862. Station: Camp Hampton, near Columbia, SC.

Jul & Aug 1862. Station: McPhersonville, SC.

Sep & Oct 1862. Station: Tulifinny, SC.

This Company was in advance on the 22 Oct. & in three distinct engagements with the enemy, first in Col. G. V. Elliott's field, second at Causeway at Mr. Hutson's plantation & lastly at Old Pocotaligo.
Loss: one killed, Private.
Wounded: 1st Lt. & 1 sergeant & seven privates.

Nov & Dec 1862. Station: Tulifinny, SC.

Co. A, 5th SC Cavalry

22 Jan 1863. Station: Pocotaligo, SC.

Jan & Feb 1863. Station: Pocotaligo, SC.

Mar & Apr 1863. Station: James Island, SC.

May & Jun 1863. Station: James Island, SC.

Jul & Aug 1863. Station: Dills Bluff, James Island, SC.
This Company was engaged in the fight on 16 Jul 1863 at Grimball's Landing (Secessionville) .

Sep & Oct 1863. Station: Camp Suber, James Island, SC.

Nov & Dec 1863. Station: Camp Suber, James Island, SC.

Jan & Feb 1864. Station: Camp Suber, James Island, SC.

1 May-31 Aug 1864. Station: In the field [VA].

Sep & Oct 1864. Station: In the field south of Petersburg, VA.

This Company has been engaged in the following Battles & Skirmishes, Viz.
Swift Creek, Va., 12 May 1864
South Side, Va., 16 May 1864
Charles City C.H. (Wilson's Wharf/Kennen's Point), , Va., 24 May 1864
Haws Shop, Va., 28 May 1864
Cold Harbor, Va., 30 May 1864
Louisa C.H., Va., 11 June 1864
Trevilian Station, Va., 12 June 1864
White House, 30 June 1864
Nance's Shop, 23 June 1864
Sapony Church, 29 July 1864
Gravelly Run, 23 July 1864
Reams' Station, 23 July 1864
Wyatt's Farm, 29 Sept 1864
McDaniels House, 1 Oct 1864
Burges[s'] Mill, 27 Oct 1864

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