5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Company B
(Dixie Rangers)

This company was raised in Charleston District in February 1862, by Charleston merchants Alfred Birmingham Mulligan (1825-1910), and Leonard Chapin. Mulligan was a former member of the Charleston Light Dragoons. The company was mustered into Jeffords' Squadron SC Cavalry for Confederate service in March 1862, and became Co. C, 6th (Jeffords') Battalion SC Cavalry, in April 1862.

Company B 6th/17th Bn 5th Cav  
Names Co. C Co. B Disposition
Mulligan, Alfred Birmingham Captain Captain  
Chapin, Leonard 1LT 1LT Resigned, 15 Jun 1863.
Buckner, Perry Fripp   1LT  
Green, Ellis C. 2LT 2LT To AQM, 8 Mar 1863
Langford, Nicholas 2LT 2LT Resigned, 6 Oct 1863.
Foster, J. F.   2LT  
Harrison, A. J.   2LT  

Record of Events.

Co. C, 6th/17th Battalion SC Cavalry

[7 Mar 1862. Station: Camp Gist, five miles from Charleston, near the line of the Charleston & Savannah Railroad.]

[21 May 1862. Station: Chisolmville, near Green Pond, SC, on the Charleston & Savannah Railroad.]

Sep & Oct 1862. Station: Green Pond, SC.

On the 1 Oct., the Company moved with the Battalion from Camp Chisolmville to the present camp in the immediate vicinity of Green Pond Depot, distance 7 miles. On the 23 of Oct., orders were received from Col. Walker for the Battalion to proceed immediately to Salkehatchie Bridge to protect it and there await further orders, as the Abolitionists were marching in force from Mackey's Point toward the Rail Road. We remained at Salkehatchie Bridge until the following night when we were relieved and returned to Camp. Distance marched in all about 40 miles.

Nov & Dec 1862. Station: Green Pond, SC.

Co. B, 5th SC Cavalry

21 Jan 1863. Station: Not stated [Green Pond, SC].

Jan & Feb 1863. Station: Green Pond, SC.

Mar & Apr 1863. Station: St. Andrews Parish, Charleston District, SC

May & Jun 1863. Station: Not stated [Charleston, SC].
On 30 day April 63, this comd. was ordered to James Island. Reported to Brg. Gen.Gist comdg. there for duty. On 22 June 63, left James Island & returned to Lt. Col. Jeffords comdg. cavy. in this city.

Jul & Aug 1863. Station: Kenansville, NC.

On 7 July 1863, this Command was ordered to proceed to Wilmington, N.C. to report to Gen. Whiting & by him ordered to Kenansville, N.C. to report to Maj. Jackson for duty.

Sep & Oct 1863. Station: Kenansville, NC.

Nov & Dec 1863. Station: Brock School House, Onslow Co., NC.
On 28 Dec. [Nov.] 1863, by orders from Col. Geo. Jackson, comdg. Post at Kenansville, N.C., this Company was removed from Kenansville, Duplin Co., N.C., to Brock's School House, Onslow County, N.C.

Jan & Feb 1864. Station: Richlands, Onslow Co., NC.

Mar & Apr 1864. Station: Magnolia, Duplin Co., NC.
On the 22 Apl. ulto., this Company left Camp at Richlands, Onslow Co., N.C., & removed to Magnolia, Duplin Co., N.C., by order Col. Geo. Jackson, Comdg. Post at Kenansville, N.C.

30 Apr-31 Aug 1864. Station: Gravelly Run, VA.

Sep & Oct 1864. Station: Dinwiddie C.H., VA

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