5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Company E
St. James Mounted Riflemen

This company was formerly, Co. B St. James Mounted Riflemen SC Cavalry, which was originally part of Co. A "St. James, Santee Mounted Riflemen," Manigault's Battalion SC Volunteers. The unit was divided into new Companies A and B on 1 May 1862, and new Co. A St. James Mounted Riflemen was assigned to the 6th (Byrd's) Battalion SC Infantry, while Co. B St. James Mounted Riflemen became an independent cavalry command. Most of the members were from Charleston and Georgetown Districts.

Company E St. James M.R. 5th Cav  
Names Co. B Co. E Disposition
Whilden, Louis Augustus CPT CPT Died, 4 Aug 1864.
Venning, Elias 1LT 1LT Resigned, 7 Oct 1863.
Venning, William C. 2LT 2LT/1LT  
Anderson, James 2LT 2LT Died, 18 Aug 1864.
Inglesby, Joseph L.   2LT/1LT  

Record of Events.

Co. B, St. James Mounted Riflemen

Sep & Oct 1862. Station: Camp Anderson, near Laurel Bay, SC.

31 Dec 1862-25 Jan 1863. Station: Camp Allston, SC

Co. E, 5th SC Cavalry

Jan & Feb 1863. Station: Camp Allston, SC.

Mar & Apr 1863. Station: Camp Allston, SC.

Sep & Oct 1863. Station: Camp Gibbs [Mount Pleasant], SC

Nov & Dec 1863. Station: Adams Run, SC.

Changed station from Camp Gibbs, Christ Church Parish, to Charleston on the 25 Nov. 1863. Changed from Charleston to St. Andrews on the 2d Dec. '63. Changed from St. Andrews to Adams Run, St. Pauls Parish, on the 18th Dec. 1863.

Jan & Feb 1864. Station: Camp, Adams Run, SC.

1 Apr 1864. Station: Adams Run, SC.

30 Apr-31 Aug 1864. Station: Gravelly Run, VA.

This Company has been engaged in the following Skirmishes and Battles, Viz.:
Battle of Chester [Sta.], 10 May 1864
Battle of Druries Bluff, 15 May 1864
Battle of South Side, 16 May 1864
Battle of Charles City (Wilson's Wharf/Kennen's Point), 24 May 1864
Battle of Haws Shop, 28 May 1864
Battle of Coal Harbor, 30 May 1864
Battle of Louisa C.H., 11 June 1864
Battle of Trevilian Station, 12 June 1864
Battle of White House, 20 June 1864
Battle of Nancy's Shop, 24 June 1864
Battle of Stoney Creek, 29 June 1864
Skirmish Gravel Run, 23 August 1864

Sep & Oct 1864. Station: In the field, A.N.V.

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