5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Field & Staff

Field and Staff.        
Names 2d/14th Bn 6th/17th Bn 5th Cav Disposition
Ferguson, Samuel Wragg     Colonel Appointment canceled
Dunovant, John     Colonel Killed, 1 Oct 1864
Jeffords, Robert Josiah   MAJ Lt Colonel Killed, 27 Oct 1864
Felder, Paul Stroman LTC      
Morgan, Joseph Hargrove MAJ   MAJ  
Thomson, Thomas S., M.D     SGN  
Faust, Henry M., M.D.     ASG  
Stokes, Peter, M.D. ASG      
Mikell, E. W.     ACS  
Green, Ellis C.     AQM  
McCurry, J. M. AQM      
Jeffords, Theodore Alexander     ADJ  

Record of Events.

March & April, 1863. Station: Charleston, SC.

Removed from Chehaw road on the 27th day April by order of Genl. W. S. Walker, comdg. 3rd Mil. Dist. to report to Genl. Ripley at Charleston, S.C. Distance marched-Fifty four miles: Arrived at St. Andrews opposite the city on 29 Apl. & then awaited further orders-Removed to the city on the 1st of May 1863.

31 Aug 1863. Station: Not stated.

1 Nov 1863. Station: James Island, SC.

Nov & Dec 1863. Station: James Island, SC.

30 Apr-31 Aug 1864. Station: Gravelly Run, VA.

Sep & Oct 1864. Station: Camp Butler, VA.

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